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Our extensive energetic materials solutions have developed into a strong, integrated product line. Each product is designed to function on its own and help you achieve a specific mission-critical purpose. Additionally, when two or more products are used together, they can help achieve your objectives efficiently, affordably, and most of all, safely.

Developing PacSci EMC products for you means 100% guided support from concept to installation in the field through our comprehensive in-house capabilities. If your requirements require a more customization, our expert engineering staff can provide creative design solutions which can be tested and prototyped on our premises.

Cartridge Actuated Devices

A full suite of devices used in space, military and commercial applications


1,000,000+ initiators delivered

Laser Ordnance Devices

Leading the innovation of safety critical laser ordnance devices

Linear Explosives

Manufactured in multiple sheaths including lead, tin, copper, silver and aluminum

Networked Ordnance

Developing Smart Energetics Architecture (SEA™) solutions

Oil & Gas Perforating Devices

Leaders in innovative ways to increase yields of oil and gas wells

Propellant Actuated Devices

Leaders in the design, manufacture and delivery of PAD energetic materials across the globe

Safe & Arm Devices

Highly reliable devices for strategic and tactical missiles, space launch vehicles and aircraft applications

Remote Tire Deflation Devices

Placing officer safety first and foremost

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