Exploding Bridge Wire

Bridgewire Detonator


Where radio frequency (RF) safety is absolutely crucial in your perforating operation, we offer both fluid-disabled and standard exploding bridge wire detonators. Our Exploding Bridge Wire contains a lead-free explosive (CLCP) functioned with an ECOSSE PX-1 Firing Set and initiate secondary booster detonation in wireline guns.

These devices require a high-energy discharge from a capacitor for detonation. If ignited from low energy current, the device will not produce detonation, allowing the operation to be insensitive to accidental initiation. EBWs are effectively immune to radio frequency (RF) sources and stray voltages that may be found on well sites and offshore platform. Our EBWs are capable of operating at 400°F for up to 16 hours.

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Wireline Perforating Initiation Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHA) typically consist of a ported housing, electric detonators, perforating guns, a setting tool initiator, and a plug. Available detonator options include the Exploding Bridgewire (EBW) detonator which has been used to reliably initiate downhole BHA for perforating and severance/cutter operations in the oil and gas industry since 1994. EBW detonators enable operators to continue cell phone and Radio Frequency (RF) communications at the job site during field assembly and arming operations, resulting in increased operational efficiency and enhanced job site safety. No special firing panel is required for EBW detonators although a separate down-hole fire-set is required for the EBW. Fluid disabled and interruptible versions are available.


An EBW detonator can be used in applications requiring reliable high order detonation. They are typically used in perforating and severance/cutter operations in the oil and gas industry.  The CLCP Exploding Bridgewire Detonator functioned with an ECOSSE PX-1 Firing Set is used to initiate detonation of secondary boosters. This device requires a high energy discharge from a capacitor for detonation. If ignited from low energy current the device no detonation will be produced.

Our EBW detonator designed and manufactured since 1994.

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  • All-Fire
    3755V (ECOSSE PX-1)
  • No-Fire
  • Operating Temperature
    –65°F (-54°C) to + 400°F (204°C)
  • Output
    Detonation – tailored output for booster or detonation cord initiation
  • Temperature Rating
    400°F (204°C) for 16 hours
  • Application Specifications
    • Fluid Disabled available
    • RF Safe
    • Exploding Bridgewire Initiation
    • Electrostatic Discharge ESD) MIL-DTL-23659
    • Initiates RDX and HSM Boosters
    • Does not initiate boosters in fluid