CLCP Pyrotechnic Time Delay Fuse

Green Energetic

Lead and silver azides are commonly used in commercial and military applications as primary explosives to initiate secondary explosives. Used in a variety of oil and gas industry products and operations, including Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) and wireline perforating operations, these materials are extremely sensitive and potentially hazardous; particularly during manufacturing, loading, assembly, handling and field operations. In addition, lead azide is highly toxic and presents a number of environmental issues during its manufacture and use. Challenged to find a more stable and lead-free alternative energetic material, we developed and currently manufacture 2-(5-chlorotetrazolato)-pentaammine cobalt (III) diperchlorate (CLCP), an energetic material used extensively in oilfield completions to initiate perforating guns. CLCP is a ‘green’ or lead-free, cobalt based material that offers excellent stability at high temperatures. In addition, overall stability and auto ignition values for our CLCP are similar to those for lead azide and are only slightly less than those for silver azide. CLCP is substantially less sensitive to impact/shock and/or friction events when compared to azide-based materials. Designed as a deflagration to detonation transfer (DDT) explosive, CLCP requires a minimum column length and confinement to achieve full detonation. We have demonstrated that CLCP offers a reliable high order detonation when used under these conditions, and is superior to lead azide in a variety of applications.

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Currently used in oilfield applications that include initiating perforating tools and Pacific Scientific’s exploding bridge wire (EBW) detonator, CLCP is a proven material and has now been incorporated into our new TCP 6-minute time delay device. This new time delay fuse has been designed specifically for TCP applications, offering a safer and ‘green’ alternative to existing TCP time delays containing lead.

Advantages to using CLCPKey FeaturesClassification & Part Numbers
Free of lead azideOffers the same repeatable timing as our standard six-minute time delayThe CLCP delay is classified as 1.4S and has CE & NR Canada approvals
Less sensitive to impact friction eventsNo modifications to perforating gun hardwareNew CLCP delay part number: 2-450060-1
Offers improved high order detonation and reliabilityTested reliably at 400°F for 16 hours.Primer part number: 2-350220-1

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If you are looking to reduce hazardous exposure during field assembly and cleaning operations, our pyrotechnic time delay fuse is a must have. As a global leader in the design and manufacture of energetic oilfield equipment, PacSci EMC products are known for reliability and innovation.


  • Ignition Closure
    Aluminum foil
  • Housing & Output Closure
  • Ignition End
    Environmental Seal
  • Output End
    Hermetic Welded Seal
  • Explosive Materials
    Ignition: 650 mg A-1A
    Delay: 29 GM Tungsten Delay
    Output: 670 mg HNS
    NEW: 30.934 GM
  • Explosive Materials
    Ignition: 650 mg A-1A
    Delay: 29 GM Tungsten Delay
    Output: 670 mg HNS
    NEW: 30.934 GM
  • Firing Characteristics
    Ignites from a percussion primer
    2-350220-1 or equivalent
  • Burn Time
    6 min 30 ±30 sec at 75 ±5 °F
  • Temperature Rating
    400 °F 16 HR
    350 °F 100 HR
    320 °F 200 HR
  • Output
    Detonates booster


Green Energetic Pyrotechnic Time Delay Fuse