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50+ Years Starting Critical Missions

Capitalize on demonstrated safety and reliability starting critical missions.

Consecutive Mission Successes.

When it comes to rocket motor ignition and engine starting, we offer simultaneous specific thrust and burn solutions in addition to a seamless, cost-effective operation. We deliver numerous Pyrotechnic Igniters designed to actuate control systems, deploy and retract equipment, start turbine motors, ignite rocket motors and provide ground safety during vehicle launch.

Ignition. Controlled & Predictive.

  • Qualified and delivering ground safety & launch of Delta IV, MHI H2 Rocket & NASA’s space shuttle
  • Providing engine start & activating altitude control on multiple tactical & strategic missile platforms
  • Providing safety for man rated devices & tactical ground operations

(RS-68) Igniter

Gas Generator Igniter (RS-68)

Main Engine (AJ26-62)

Motor Igniter

Attitude Control Motor Igniter

Boost and Sustain Motor Igniter

Torpedo Engine Igniter

Hydra 70 Motor Igniter

Engine Fuel Igniter

Cruise Missile Engine Fuel Igniter

Missile Fuel Igniter

Cruise Missile Start Cartridge Igniter

PacSci EMC pyro igniters are trusted by our customers to ensure successful performance on their applications: missiles, space, aircraft and ground operations. Qualified to MIL-STD-1576, MIL-STD-1512 and MIL-I-23659 (initiator devices).

We produces some of the world’s finest precision impulse rocket motors and attitude control motors for aircraft, missile and launched equipment and weapons – each designed to meet specific thrust and burn requirements, and benefit your ultimate mission goal.

We’ve incorporated advanced rocket motor technology into Network Attitude Control Thruster Systems (ACTS).  ACTS technology can be used to rapidly steer “smart” bullets, “smart” mortars, tactical and cruise missiles, launch vehicles, satellites and kill-vehicles and to boost-phase interceptors and any vehicle that requires rapid maneuvering for both tactical and strategic applications.



Hydrogen Burn Off Igniters


Rocket Motor Igniters

Tailored to burn.

Pyroflare Igniters

Tailored engine start system.


Achieve your mission-critical goal.

Time Delay Igniter


Time Delay Igniter

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