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Meeting the demands from deep underground to deep space


Exceptional Energetic Material Design.

Providing detonators meet a wide range of applications. From small compact to withstanding extreme temperatures to various initiating stimulus. PacSci EMC detonators are relied upon in wide variety of applications ranging from space; ensuring successful take-off and flight for launch vehicles to deep underground systems; ensuring delivery of resources. PacSci can provide a detoanator to meet any application.

Diversified Solutions.

  • Ensuring safety and reliability for every successful vehicle space launch
  • Ensuring our warfighter pilots return home safely
  • Demonstrated performance in extreme temperature applications
  • Diverse performance features meeting an extensive range of applications
  • Proven operation in extreme environments
  • Legacy engineering for today’s modern applications



As a global leader in pyrotechnic and energetic material design, you can capitalize on our demonstrated reliability and proven safety. Meeting your needs while complying with industry and military requirements and standards, we continually focus on deliverying innovative solutions to enable your success.


PacSci EMC possesses extensive analytics lab capabilities, coupled with our world-renowned chemists and the resulting detonators are designed to perform in extreme environments while meeting extremely tight performance parameters.



Exploding Bridgewire

Wireline Perforating

RF Safe Detonator

Lead Free Detonator  |  Green DetTM

HNS Initiator

Tubing Conveyed Perforating


Tubing Conveyed Perforating

Fire Ex Cartridges


Slapper Detonator

Exploding Foil Initiator (EFI)

Percussion Primer

Ignite various detonating and extender delay fuses.

Detonator Booster Assembly

Convert high energy on command.


Emergency Escape System Sequence

In-flight emergency escape with seat ejection and ground emergency egress

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