Percussion Primer

  • The percussion fired primer is used to ignite various detonating and extender delay fuses. Our primer relates to perforating systems for oil and gas.

  • This primer is an oilfield ordnance device.

  • Firing Characteristics
    No-Fire: 5.21 ft-lbs
    All-Fire: 10.23 ft-lbs

    Material Data
    Cap: CRES
    Closure: CRES

    Sealing Properties
    Closure: Hermetic Weld

    Explosive Materials
    Primer mix: 30 mg TiKP/Glass

    Temperature Rating
    4500°F for 100 hours
    435°F for 200 hours
    Ignites 51-8200, 51-8399 or 51-8398 delays

    Shipping Classification
    Number/Class: UN0444 / 1.4S
    Name: Primers, cap type
    Reference Number: EX29703143
    NRCanada Authorized List

    EC Type Examination Cert

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