Percussion Primer

Product Description

The percussion fired primer is used to ignite various detonating and extender delay fuses. Our primer relates to perforating systems for oil and gas.


This primer is an oilfield ordnance device.


  • Firing Characteristics
    No-Fire: 5.21 ft-lbs
    All-Fire: 10.23 ft-lbs
  • Material Data
    Cap: CRES
    Closure: CRES
  • Sealing Properties
    Closure: Hermetic Weld
  • Explosive Materials
    Primer mix: 30 mg TiKP/Glass
  • Temperature Rating
    4500°F for 100 hours
    435°F for 200 hours
    Ignites 51-8200, 51-8399 or 51-8398 delays
  • Shipping Classification
    Number/Class: UN0444 / 1.4S
    Name: Primers, cap type
    Reference Number: EX29703143
    NRCanada Authorized List
  • EC Type Examination Cert


Percussion Primer Technical

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