Commercial Fixed Wing Aircraft

We partner with industry leaders providing energetic components and subsystems

1,000,000+ fire extinguishing cartridges delivered.
Thousands of pilots & aircrew rescued.
Since Charles Lindbergh made his historic flight across the Atlantic, we have been a strong supplier of safety-related products to the commercial aircraft market. Our heritage over the past half century includes fire extinguishing cartridges and cartridges for slide deployment, as well as engine blade out testing and emergency escape systems. We continually work to improve safety while providing innovative products for the next generation of aircraft in the commercial marketplace. Our Commitment: Our qualified product ensures safety every day, on thousands of flights and in testing centers worldwide. We continually work with air-frame manufacturers and their key suppliers to reduce cost and weight while improving the performance of our components and subsystems. We leverage our green energetic solutions in fire extinguishing cartridges by removing lead from our components in the aircraft.

Emergency Escape

Fire Suppression

Test & Support Services

    Training Safety & Handling On-Site Support Test (i.e. Sled, Static, Development etc.) Blade-out Testing for FAA Certification Sub-system/Component Anomaly Evaluation