Precision Crafted

Saving lives on command, when commanded.

Satellite Sequencing

Simplify and expedite your satellite separation and release with our payload release & sequencing system.  One, easy-to-use, adaptable and integrated solution with built-in key functionality…

Pyro ValvesPyro valves

We design and produce many lightweight, reliable pyro valves to successfully support your mission-critical fluid systems from deep sea to deep space.

Separation Nuts

Separation Nuts custom made to meet your mission requirements, from size to the specific materials, the success of your application is at the center point of our design.

What we do

We engineer critical pyrotechnic and energetic material solutions  to protect and safeguard this world.

We design and manufacture in the United States and export our products around the world.


It begins with you, your needs, your mission and helping you achieve your success

1. Identifying Your Needs

Talking with you about your program or platform and what your desired end result is.

2. Engineering A Solution

Engineering cost effective solutions to achieve your end goal.

3. Production

Producing the final approved product which will perform on command, when commanded.

Your success is our success.

At Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) our goal is to help you achieve mission-critical results. We utilize over 7 decades of energetic and pyrotechnic engineering experience to help you do so.


Mission Success

For over half a century, Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) has made critical missions possible.

Our energetic materials, devices and subsystems have helped put astronauts, satellites and payloads in space, protected military and law enforcement personnel, enabled missiles to hit their targets, reduced the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling and have safeguarded commercial aircraft and their passengers.

Safe & Reliable

Safety and reliability are always our highest priorities. We bring a scientific approach to every project, calculating system reliability through trade studies, mathematical modeling, in-depth analyses and rigorous testing.

Our application engineers can identify solution possibilities, weigh them against a number of variables—including mission criticality, space, weight and cost—and calculate reliability scores for each.

Many of our materials, devices and subsystems deliver 99.999 percent reliability or better.

Technical Expertise

We bring a range and depth of technical and scientific know-how to every project.

With on-staff application engineers, design engineers, modeling and analysis specialists, chemists, and test engineers, you have a wealth of expertise at your disposal.

All of our work is based on your unique needs and specifications, and our engineers are available to explain options, considerations and trade-offs, helping you make the best decision for your particular requirements.