We ignite your motors. We sequence your events. We hold down your launch vehicles. We release your satellites. We sever your cables. We jettison your canopies. We remove the windows in your bird (even when underwater). We protect your pilots, crews, and civilian populations. We’ve been a part of saving lives for more than 70 years.

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We design and manufacture thousands of pyrotechnic and energetic products and solutions for the industries we pursue around the world.

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Here are links to the most requested products we design and manufacture for programs around the world. By all means this is not an all-inclusive list of our products, to view all of our product capabilities please visit this page.

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Featured Product

Satellite Payload Release & Sequencing – 100% success rate!


Emergency Egress Systems

Supporting Military Aircraft

Military Aircraft Emergency Escape & Amp; Ejection 1

Energetics in Action

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