PacSci EMC® - Pyrotechnic Energetic Materials
When Milliseconds Matter™

On Command, When Commanded.

When you need your energetics to work on time, every time.

Proven Satellite Propulsion Solutions

Our Modular Architecture Propulsion System (MAPS™) is flight proven, qualified and will simplify your workflow.



Our highly reliable and fast acting products provide the confidence to ensure the safe recovery of aircrew and passengers.


Law Enforcement

When you need to stop a vehicle, we’ve built better, safer solutions for arresting the pursuit and getting your officers out of the danger zone quicker.


Missiles & Munitions

Tested. Proven. Qualified. Strategic deterrent and missile defense agency programs count on us.


Oil & Gas

We are leading designers and manufacturers of high pressure, high temperature resistant explosive perforating devices.



 We develop products for space applications, applying our knowledge in creating solutions across a broad range of space experiences.



A comprehensive listing of all our products

Why Mission Critical Programs Choose PacSci EMC

For over half a century, Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) has made critical missions possible. Our energetic materials, devices and subsystems have helped put astronauts, satellites and payloads in space, protected military and law enforcement personnel, enabled missiles to hit their targets, reduced the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling and have safeguarded commercial aircraft and their passengers.
Safety and reliability are always our highest priorities. We bring a scientific approach to every project, calculating system reliability through trade studies, mathematical modeling, in-depth analyses and rigorous testing. Our application engineers can identify solution possibilities, weigh them against a number of variables—including mission criticality, space, weight and cost—and calculate reliability scores for each. Many of our materials, devices and subsystems deliver 99.999 percent reliability or better.
We bring a range and depth of technical and scientific know-how to every project. With on-staff application engineers, design engineers, modeling and analysis specialists, chemists, and test engineers, you have a wealth of expertise at your disposal. All of our work is based on your unique needs and specifications, and our engineers are available to explain options, considerations and trade-offs, helping you make the best decision for your particular requirements.
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