Safety First. Quality Every Time.

When it Absolutely, Positively Has to Work Safely – First Time, Every Time.

Whether you’re deep underground drilling for oil, engineering space flight equipment or stopping a high-speed car chase, you can’t afford to invest in energetic solutions with a success rate any less than 100%. Because minor machine malfunctions and maintenance don’t just jeopardize your productivity, resources and funds—they endanger the lives of you, your team and your community. That’s why we build in Safety First, Quality Every Time®. As an ISO9001/AS9100 Certified Company, at PacSci EMC, we don’t cut corners with your safety. Our business – our only business – is to ensure your operation is both highly effective and highly safe, with the help of:

  • Advanced product development
  • Design and process failure modes and effects analysis
  • Process design, controls and variation reduction
  • Robust problem-solving and change management processes
  • Supplier development and performance monitoring