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Product Description

Fire Extinguisher Squibs are utilized to allow the flow of fire suppressant from a storage bottle. The engines, auxiliary power units and in some cases gear boxes on helicopters incorporate extensive measures for fire protection. The Fire Ex cartridge or squib is an integral part of commercial and military fire extinguisher systems. Cartridges/squibs come in a number of configurations and output depending upon the customer requirements. The configuration is driven by the manufacturers of the different fire suppression systems. In many cases, the same cartridge is utilized on several different aircraft because they use the same fire suppression storage bottle. This simplifies logistics and data tracking if done.

Key Features

Fire Extinguisher Heritage

Our engineering heritage for designing and manufacturing fire extinguisher squibs dates back over four decades. Our units are qualified to MIL-I-23659 and MIL-D-21025 for Type III release service. Platform use and heritage include the following:

AH-1 Cobra AH-64 Apache F/A-18 Hornet F-15 Eagle
UH-1Y KC-135


For Commercial and Military Aircraft Fire Extinguishing Safety Systems.


  • Operating Temperature Range
    -65 0F (-54 0C) to +200 0F (+93.330C)
  • Leak Rate
    1×10-5 cc/sec. Helium or 1×10-6 cc/sec. Helium
  • No-Fire Current Range
    0.5 amp/0.25 watt for 1 minute
    1 amp 1 watt for 5 minutes (depending upon qualification standard utilized)
  • All-Fire Current
    3.0 Amps minimum or 3.5 Amp minimum
  • Ignition Time
    Normally < 20 milliseconds maximum
    (at 3.0 Amps Minimum)
  • Output
    Pressure or detonation
    Depending upon closure/diaphragm material & thickness
  • Electrostatic Discharge
    25,000 + 500 volts discharged from a 500 + 25pico-farad capacitor
    between shorted pins-to-case through a 5,000 ohm resistor in series
  • Bridgewire Resistance
    1 + 0.1 Ohms through 1.15 + 0.25 ohms
  • Insulation Resistance
    > 2 Megaohms @ 500 VDC
  • Vibration
    PSD= + 1.5 dB from 10-500Hz, + 3 dB from 500 to 2000 Hz
    Overall GRMS = + 10%, duration + 5%
    Vibration shall be applied along each of three (3) mutually orthogonal axes, at ambient
    -65°F and 300° F for 40 minutes per axis at each temperature


Fire Extinguisher Squib Envelope


  • What is a fire extinguishers squib?

    Fire Extinguisher Squibs are utilized to allow the flow of fire suppressant from a storage bottle.

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