Networked Electronic Ordnance & Devices

We develop and manufacture SEA™ Network solutions with the latest innovative technology.

Truly Extraordinary Benefits.

You count on an electronic ordnance pioneer to take innovative technology to the next level with our Smart Energetics Architecture (SEA™). SEA™ eliminates discrete wires from each initiator and detonator to the controller by using a bus network for a large number of rapidly sequential firings without the need for heavy, separate and often dedicated ordnance batteries and cables.

The benefits are truly extraordinary: next-generation, safe firing and control systems that enable rapid and repeatable ignition, unit health monitoring, and lower system weight and energy requirements for pyrotechnic events. And the possibilities for adaptation are limitless, including attitude and divert control systems for missiles, satellites and projectiles and event sequencing of aircraft emergency egress systems as well as space launch and separation events.

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Extremely Efficient.

  • Smart Bus Controller
  • Smart Initiator: Provides output equivalent to a NASA Standard Initiator (NSI) and can be tailored according to requirements.
  • Smart Detonator: Provides output and size equivalent to PSEMC standard Detonators
  • Smart Controller, Single or Dual: Provides the ability to interface legacy ordnance devices with SEA™
  • Smart Thruster: Provides fast reacting, energetic burst of energy to affect a controlled directional change of a vehicle/projectile.

Go Digital with Minimal System Impact

Networked electronic ordnance devices incorporate an FPGA, bus driver Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and a slave (ASIC). All of the ordnance devices are wired in parallel on a bus, which supplies both data and power. The system features extensive diagnostics, low power operation and very low EMI. A variety of electrical connections and pressure outputs can be provided to meet customer’s specific design performance requirements. This allows many conventional pyrotechnic devices to be replaced by SEA™ system devices with minimal system impact. If your system requires a progressive, digital system, SEA™ is that system.


Smart Initiator

Smart Initiators

A Reactive Semiconductor Bridge (RSCD) with self-contained smart firing electronics.

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SEA Network Bus Controller

SEA™ Network

Flight Proven & Qualified.

Enable multi-sequencing with our bus-driver chip architecture.

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Satellite Sequencing

Satellite Sequencing

Tailored Sequencing.

Combine our SEA™ Network, Smart Initiators and our Separation Nuts for a proven sequencing solution.

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Satellite Propulsion System

Satellite Propulsion Systems

Providing station keeping, constellation management, decommissioning and deorbiting to the small satellite market,

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Powered Maps Solid Propulsion System

Satellite Deorbit & Precision Re-entry

Our powered solid propulsion system, provides a fully powered module to assist with decommission and/or deorbit of a satellite. P-MAPS enables SmallSats and CubeSats to comply with 25-year lifetime restrictions in orbit.

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