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  • Our cartridges are specialized gas generators that produce gas pressure from propellant grains to start turbojet engines. The output can be customized to specific performance factors for engine design. The cartridge is initiated with a 1-amp/1 watt electro-explosive device (EED) which can be initiated with standard battery power. With the addition of a PacSci EMC Igniter, you have all the components for a tailored engine start system for your program.

  • PacSci EMC boasts a long track record of tailoring cartridges to specific missile and drone applications. Optimized for small turbine engines used in missiles, air launched decoys, targets and drones, we have 20+ years of experience manufacturing start cartridges with thousands delivered for application in systems.

  • Bridgewire
    1 ± .1 ohms

    Function Time
    <10 mSec

    Burn Time
    2 seconds minimum

    Cartridge Burn Time
    2 minutes minimum

    3.5 amps, 10 ms. pulse

    1 amp/1 watt for 5 minutes

    This device produces an exhaust gas with a temperature of less than 2200 oF.
    Produces approximately 1500 psi for a minimum of two seconds when fired with a .144″ diameter equivalent orifice.

    Operating Temperature Range
    -65 0F (-54 0C) to +160 0F (+71.11 0C)

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