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Detonator Booster Assembly | DBA.

Detonation Booster Assembly

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Detonator Booster Assembly with Initiator

Convert High Energy On Command.

For any Strategic Missiles, Tactical Missiles or Space Launch Vehicle Missions

Also known as a Detonation Booster Assembly, a DBA is used to transition an initiator output from a deflagrating output to a detonating output. On launch vehicles, this would entail the transition of a NASA Standard Initiator (NSI) squib from deflagration to detonation in the explosive train.

Our engineering heritage for designing and manufacturing DBAs dates back almost three decades to the Titan IV launch vehicle. We are regularly involved in new designs and qualifications, along with our extensive experience enabling us to offer technically superior, highly reliable products which conform to stringent standards, assuring the safety of the public, property and environment.

Operating/Non-Operating Temp Range
-71 °F (-21.67 °C) to +220 °F (+104.44 °C)

Shelf Life
In excess of 10 Years without maintenance

Exposure at 20 G’s for a duration of 5 minutes


Detonator Booster Assembly Technical Envelope



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