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Thermally Initiated Venting System.

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Thermally Initiated Venting System (TIVS)

Providing unique solutions for insensitive munitions. Merging new energetic technology & proven legacy devices for easy to implement solutions.

For Insensitive Munitions requirements and safety systems, we have developed and qualified a Thermally Initiated Venting System (TIVS). The system entails an auto-igniton energetic material (AIM) packaged in various forms to sense and react to specific thermal hot spots or over a broader area.  This AIM packaged thermal sensors can be coupled with energy transfer lines and components to develop a system that can vent a rocket motor and render it non-propulsive or trigger other fire extinguishing gas generators to suppress a fire within a room, cargo hold or vehicle. Industry usage for TIVS includes strategic and tactical missile programs, shipboard munitions storage, military transport vehicles and commercial buildings and kitchens.

  • AIM energetic package for specific point sense or linearized in an aluminum sheath to allow for broader area thermal sensing
  • Qualified and in production applications on several current DOD programs
  • Self-contained independent system not reliant on vehicle or other external power source for triggering
  • Systems can be tailored to mission requirements

Autoignition Material

Autoignition Cord

Rapid Deflagrating Cord Transfer Lines


Linear Shaped Charge (LSC)

Fire Extinguishing Gas Generators

Release / Separation Devices
Explosive Bolts
Pyrotechnic Cutters
Piston Actuators



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