Destruct Charge

Also known as a Bulk Charge, this device is used to terminate the flight of an errant launch vehicle, missile or target vehicle. A critical component of a Flight Termination System, it is designed to receive a detonation input signal from a Detonator or Explosive Transfer Line. Upon initiation, the high explosive output penetrates and vents the vehicle motor case to terminate vehicle flight.

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  • Our engineering heritage for designing and manufacturing Flight Termination and Destruct Systems used in Launch Vehicles, Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s), Conventional Missiles, and Target Vehicles dates back over three decades to the Space Shuttle and Minuteman III ICBM.  We are regularly involved in new vehicle design and qualification activities as our diverse product base, coupled with our experience as systems integrators, provides for innovative design concepts tailored to meet individual application requirements.

    Extensive knowledge of Range Safety (RCC319) requirements enables us to offer technically superior, high reliability systems which conform to the stringent standards designed to assure safety of the public, property and environment.

    Vehicles with PacSci EMC qualified Destruct Charges:

    Predator B (UAV) Supersonic Sea Skimming Target
    QF-4 (UAV) Delta II
    ATACMS Delta IV
    Tomahawk Cruise Missile AGM – 130
    Space Shuttle – Solid Motor Destruct Pershing I and II
    Minuteman III ICBM Poseidon
    Rocket Systems Launch Program HARM
    Payload Launch Vehicle
  • Operating Temperature Range
    -65 °F (-54 °C) to +350 °F (+176.67 °C)

    1400g @ 10,000Hz (and per vehicle environments)

    33.5Grms (and per vehicle environments)

    Detonation – sized for 150% vehicle motor case thickness
    Penetration > 1.5 inch steel available

    Application Specifications

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