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Lanyard Pull Initiator.

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Single Output

Multiple Output

Used to start a pyotechnic chain of events, a Lanyard Pull Initiator (LPI) incorporates a designated time delay period, once reached attached Explosive Transfer Lines (ETLs) or similar devices are initiated. Pull of the attached lanyard provides mechanical energy to initiate dual percussion primers which start a pyrotechnic chain of events.

Ordnance Time Delay & Booster Charge:  Our LPI’s are supplied with an internal ordnance time delay. Delay time can be tailored to platform specified delay from lanyard pull to detonating output (to allow motor stage separation distance).  If desired, the LPI can be modified for near instantaneous output.  The internal booster charge allows for direct detonation transfer to standard Explosive Transfer Line (ETL) end tips. We offer both single and multiple explosive output Lanyard Pull Initiators and our LPIs require no electrical connections.

We have designed and manufactured 100’s of different LPIs. Qualified and used in various military, commercial and aerospace platforms including aircraft (military and commercial) and multiple missile platforms.

No-Fire Pull Force
50 lbs minimum (w/o safing pin)

All-Fire Pull Force
200 lbs maximum (w/o safing pin)

All-Fire Pull Distance
0.3 inch minimum

Delay Time
Tailorable to program (including instantaneous output)

1400g @ 10,000Hz

Random Vibration
33.5 Grms

Temperature Range
-65°F to +160°F

RCC319-07 for Flight Termination Systems
EWR127-1 for Flight Termination Systems

Aluminum Body
Steel Sear Release Piston Assembly
Laser Welded Time Delay Cartridge & Booster Charge
Hermetically Sealed Explosives

Multiple Output ~ 315g
Single Output ~ 212g

Diameter: 1.00 inch
Clamp Location Diamer: 0.875 inch
Overall Length Multiple Output 8.5 inch
Overall Length Single Output: 6.5 inch
Body Length Multiple Output 7.1 inch
Body Length Single Output: 4.7 inch


Single Output Lanyard Pull Initiator

Multiple Output Lanyard Pull Initiator



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