Frangible Nut

Product Description

A frangible nut is intentionally created to split into two halves, doing so when two pyrotechnic devices break the nut thereby releasing the objects being held together. NASA’s Space Shuttle Rocket Boosters are a great example of this device in action.

The frangible nut offers reliability, precision, and control to help perfect mission-critical goals.

Key Features

How Frangible Nuts Work

At a predetermined time, small explosive booster assemblies or charges shatter the nut releasing the bolts holding it together. The frangible nuts are designed to immediately break where the booster is attached and fall into a predetermined location.

Our frangible nut contains machined features that provide break plane location(s) (webs) to control the separation, fragmentation and the design’s breaking strength. Explosive booster assemblies are strategically located within the nut assembly, and upon actuation will separate the nut at the predetermined break plane(s). The booster(s) are functioned simultaneously to ensure that the nut splits uniformly, allowing for a clean separation of the joined assemblies.


Our design heritage includes NASA’s Apollo, the Space Shuttle frangible nut in its Solid Rocket Booster/Mobile Launch Platform, X-33 and is currently in use for Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicles.

Used in applications requiring:

  • launch vehicle hold down
  • release bulkhead
  • component release systems
  • jettison rockets, satellites or other components


  • Thread Size
    2.00 inch UNS Up to 3.50 inch
  • Operating Temperature
    -71°F to +220°F
  • Axial Load Retention
    Up to +1,000,000 lbf
  • Applicable Specifications
    Qualified to NHB5300.4(1C) NASA Standard


The frangible nut axial load retention strength and thread sizes can be tailored to meet your specific applications.

Frangible Nut Technical Envelope

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