Time Delay Percussion Igniter (TDI XL)

Product Description

The TDI XL is used for igniting time delays. Support hardware and assembly is not required. Backwards assembly is eliminated by the geometric interface. Our TDI XL assures reliable ignition under harsh environments and variable gap/alignment conditions. To protect and preserve the explosive primer for extended life and high reliability under harsh conditions, we provide a one piece, hermetically sealed enclosure.

Time Delay Percussion Igniter (TDI XL)
Applications Specifications Interface


This time delay percussion igniter is an oilfield ordnance device designed for use in downhole oil and gas exploration, completion, and production applications. Primarily used to initiate time delays, we can adapt its use for other downhole oilfield devices.


  • Firing Characteristics
    No-Fire: 7.4 ft-lbs
    All-Fire: 12.4 ft-lbs
  • Material Data
    Cap & Housing: CRES
  • Firing Pin Config.
    60° X .050 Spherical Radius as shown
  • Explosive Materials
    Output Material: TiKP
    N.E.W. 170 mg
  • Temperature Rating
    500°F for 12 hours
    450°F for 100 hours
    435°F for 200 hours
    Ignites 51-8200, 51-8399 or 51-8398 delays
  • Shipping Classification
    Number/Class: UN0454 / 1.4S
    Name: Igniter
    Reference Number: EX2014040293
    NRCanada Authorized List
  • EC Type Examination Cert


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