GreenDet™ RF Safe Detonator

Product Description

Our Green Det lead-free energetic RF safe detonator comes is perfectly sized for easy drop-in to any wireline perforating system. With RSCB technology, Green Det allows communication and safe operation during fracking, arming of perforating guns, welding, stray current, voltage or other static electricity producing events when performance reliability is crucial.

Safety and product reliability continue to be a challenge in the oil and gas industry. We’ve listened to industry experts and understand your need for a next generation detonator that safely improves operating efficiencies and reliabilities in an increasingly complex Radio Frequency (RF) producing environment. Developed in cooperation with Owen Oil Tools, our Green Det™ is a low energy, RF-Safe, Reactive Semiconductor Bridge (RSCB) technology with a lead-free energetic and small package size for easy drop-in to any wireline perforating system.

GreenDet™ RF Safe Detonator
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Key Features

  • RF Safe per RP-67 as tested by Franklin Applied Physics Laboratory
  • No special firing panel required
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Cobalt-based CLCP lead-free energetic
  • 99.99% @95% initiation reliability
  • 0.281″ OD x 2.0″ length

How Green Det RF Safe Detonators Work 

Today’s oil and gas industry leaders continue to strive for improved operating efficiency. The ever increasing quest to drill, perforate and flow product in the shortest amount of time possible further intensifies the need for timely communications and numerous simultaneous operations at job sites. As a result, these activities drive an increase in the volume of RF transmissions, cell phone communications, welding and other stray currents, voltage or static electricity generating events. Conventional electric detonators are not immune to these stray currents, and can pose a significant safety threat in work environments where increased levels of RF transmissions exist. Our Green Det is an RF safe detonator alternative, incorporating RSCB technology, coupled with a proven lead-free energetic called 2-(5-chlorotetrazolato)-pentaammine cobalt(III) diperchlorate (CLCP).

RSCB Technology
Tested RF safe by Franklin Applied Physics, the Green Det RSCB-based detonator enables operators to continue cell phone and RF communications at the job site during perforating guns arming. By avoiding the potential shutdown of communications, welding and other operations during arming, utilizing Green Det RF safe detonators allow for increased operational efficiencies and enhanced job site safety. RSCB’s offer a low-energy, reliable and safe alternative compared to other standard semiconductor bridge (SCB) devices.

Lead Azide Compared to CLCP
Lead azide is commonly used in commercial and military applications as a primary explosive to initiate secondary explosives. Used in a variety of oil and gas industry products and operations, this material is extremely sensitive and potentially hazardous, particularly during manufacturing, loading, assembly, handling and field operations. In addition, lead azide is highly toxic and presents a number of environmental issues during its manufacture and use.

Challenged to find a more stable and lead-free alternative energetic material, we developed and currently manufacture 2-(5-chlorotetrazolato)-pentaammine cobalt(III) diperchlorate (CLCP), an energetic material used extensively in oilfield completions to initiate perforating guns. CLCP is a ‘green’ or lead-free, cobalt-based material that offers excellent stability at high temperatures. This material is also substantially less sensitive to impact/shock and/or friction events when compared to azide-based materials. Designed as a deflagration to detonation transfer (DDT) explosive, CLCP requires a minimum column length and confinement to achieve full detonation. We have demonstrated that CLCP offers a reliable high order detonation when used under these conditions, and is superior to lead azide in a variety of applications. Our Green Det alternative incorporates RSCB and CLCP technology.


As a global leader in the design and manufacture of energetic oilfield technologies, PacSci EMC products are known for reliability and innovation. Green Det™ (CLCP energetic, lead-free, cobalt-based initiating detonator) is used to initiate non-exposed gun systems and pipe recovery charges.


  • Electrical Specifications
    Reactive Semi-Conductor Bridge (RSCB) Initiation (RF Safe)
    Designated RF Safe by Franklin Applied Physics
    Resistance: NA
    All Fire Voltage: 300V
    No Fire Voltage: 55V (held under constant VOLTAGE for five minutes)
    Static Sensitivity: MIL-DTL-23659F
  • Explosives
    Output: CICP
    Net Explosive Weight: 332mg
  • Temperature Rating
    One Hour at 435°F (224°C)
    Twelve Hours at 400°F (200°C)
    100 hours at 350°F (177°C)
    200 hours at 325°F (163°C)


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