Cartridge Actuated Devices

100+ Successful Launches

Product Description

We provide a full suite of Cartridge Actuated Devices (CADs) and Propellant Actuated Devices (PADS), which have been a part of every successful launch into space; providing safety while on the launch pad; ensuring vehicle motor start while providing key flight termination capability if needed; providing separation of motor stages in flight and ensuring the payload is delivered as needed. In addition, we deliver critical devices to all branches of service that ensure our freedom is preserved. From strategic deterrent to our warfighters, you can depend on our heritage and demonstrated reliability for your success.

Our Cartridge Actuated Devices

Cartridge Actuated Devices
Key Features Applications

Key Features

Extremely High Reliability – Cartridge Actuated Devices

  • Fast acting & compact in size
  • Proven operation in extreme environments
  • Legacy engineering for today’s modern applications


Used in Space, Tactical Missile, Strategic Missile and Aircraft platforms.

Our Expertise

Capitalize on demonstrated reliability and proven safety. Whether it is MIL-D-21625, MIL-C-83124 or MIL-C-83125, we continue to produce and design new devices with compliance to industry and military standards. We fly on space launch vehicles, aircraft, and missiles across the spectrum of applications, including ignition, separation, cutting, egress, and actuation. Scroll over the CAD category below to find the solution to your application. (mouse over to learn more):

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