Linear Explosives

Product Description

We have embraced our global leadership role to progressively replace our lead-sheathed linear explosives with environmentally conscious materials. We’re dedicated to sustainability business practices while still providing the most effective linear explosives to withstand high temperatures and provide the high performance that thousands of customers have come to rely on.

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Linear Explosives
Applications Interface


PacSci EMC’s linear products are available for a number of aerospace, defense and commercial solutions. Some of those include but not limited to:

  • Emergency Egress (EES)
  • Canopy Fracturing or Canopy Fracturing Initiation (CFS/CFIS)
  • Transparency Removal (TRS)
  • Missile/Drone/UAV Flight Termination/Destruct (FTS)
  • Payload Deployment or Placement
  • Stage Separation Events
  • Thrust Termination
  • Skin Severance
  • Thermally Activated Safety Systems (TASS)
  • Engine Start Event Sequencing
  • Oil & Gas Industry Applications


Our linear explosives – an explosive powder/material loaded into a tube that’s formed into long lengths – are manufactured in multiple sheaths including lead, tin, copper, silver and aluminum. We possess the ability to load high explosives (such as HNS, PBXN-5, HMX, and PETN) and deflagration materials (rapid deflagration material, time delay mixes, auto-ignition powders and more) to support a variety of linear parts and assemblies.

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