HNS Initiator


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  • The percussion fired detonator is used for initiating the detonation of oilfield tubing conveyed perforating guns. Our percussion fire detonator withstands 31,500 psi through primer cap after firing.

  • This HNS Initiator is an oilfield ordnance device.

  • Firing Pin Config.
    .050 Spherical Radius
    .180 Max FP Penetration

    Material Data
    Housing & closure disks: CRES

    Sealing Properties
    Girth Weld: Hermetic
    Output Closure Disk: Environmental

    Explosive Materials
    Primer: 25MG
    Booster Charge: 185 MG
    Output Charge: 330 MG HNS

    Temperature Rating
    450°F for 100 hours
    430°F for 200 hours

    Initiation Gap
    Initiates detonation of oilfield booster at a 1.25 inch gap

    Shipping Classification
    Number/Class: UN0455 / 1.4S
    Name: Detonators, non-electric, for blasting
    Reference Number: EX2009110143
    NRCanada Authorized List

    EC Type Examination Cert

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