HNS Initiator

Product Description

The percussion fired detonator is used for initiating the detonation of oilfield tubing conveyed perforating guns. Our percussion fire detonator withstands 31,500 psi through primer cap after firing.


This HNS Initiator is an oilfield ordnance device.


  • Firing Pin Config.
    .050 Spherical Radius
    .180 Max FP Penetration
  • Material Data
    Housing & closure disks: CRES
  • Sealing Properties
    Girth Weld: Hermetic
    Output Closure Disk: Environmental
  • Explosive Materials
    Primer: 25MG
    Booster Charge: 185 MG
    Output Charge: 330 MG HNS
  • Temperature Rating
    450°F for 100 hours
    430°F for 200 hours
  • Initiation Gap
    Initiates detonation of oilfield booster at a 1.25 inch gap
  • Shipping Classification
    Number/Class: UN0455 / 1.4S
    Name: Detonators, non-electric, for blasting
    Reference Number: EX2009110143
    NRCAN Authorized List
  • EC Type Examination Cert


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