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The ultimate in EMI/EMP, RF and ESD immunity for ordnance initiation

25 Years of Experience.

PacSci EMC is the leader in the production and innovation of laser ordnance initiation systems.  We provide laser based initiation systems when the customer requires a system with deep testability, ESD/RF/EMI/EMP protection, high reliability and minimum weight along with the capability to remote/separate the initiated Ordnance Device from the Firing Unit. These are the laser ordnance devices supporting our innovative systems.

Reliable. Credible.

  • Precision design
  • Exact manufacturing
  • Proven in service reliability
  • Critical missile defense systems depend upon our laser ordnance devices


Since the mid 90’s, the technology has transferred to high power laser diode initiation. The PacSci EMC design offers the ultimate in EMI/EMC immunity for ordnance initiation. The extra safety protection provided by our unique design is a complete faraday cage separating the electronics from the laser diodes. Our experience includes Laser Initiated Ordnance System (LIOS), Ordnance Devices including Laser Initiated Squibs (LIS), Detonators (LID) and Laser TBI’s (LTBI) and the accompanying cutters, valves, gas generator, etc. plus the Fiber Optic Cables to connect the LIOS to the laser initiated Ordnance Devices.



Laser Initiated Detonator


Laser Initiated Squibs


Laser TBIs


Laser Initiated Ordnance System

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