Laser Ordnance Devices

The Ultimate in EMI/EMP, RF and ESD Immunity for Ordnance Initiation

25 Years of Experience

We are a leader in the production and innovation of laser ordnance devices.  We provide laser based initiation systems when the customer requires a system with deep test-ability, ESD/RF/EMI/EMP protection, high reliability and minimum weight along with the capability to remote/separate the initiated Ordnance Device from the Firing Unit. These are the laser ordnance devices supporting our innovative systems.

Our Laser Fire Ordnance Devices

Laser Safe and Arm Devices

Laser SADs are extremely safe since no electronic components are used within the laser initiator. These are desirable due to their exceptional safety when it comes to the initiator itself.
There’s no electrical circuitry connected to the ordnance in
a laser safe and arm. A fiber optic cable makes the system fundamentally immune to electromagnetic environments. No electromagnetic energy can be coupled to a fiber and fibers are relatively lossless allowing for very long fibers to be used. A laser source is fed through a fiber and the light energy directly
initiates the pyrotechnic material. Unlike the high voltage safe
and arm there is no bridgewire or semiconducting bridge in the pyrotechnics. Instead, the LASER pulse travels through the fiber optic cable and passes through a lens, the direct heat from this laser pulse initiates the pyrotechnic material.

A Laser SAD is like an electromechanical SAD due to the pyrotechnic material used. It is a sensitive primary explosive and therefore is required to contain an optical block which would
prevent inadvertent energy from passing out through the fiber to
the device when it’s not armed. The laser SAD utilizes a physical blocking device in-between the laser diode and the fiber path to the initiator. Only the diode can drive light through the fiber.

A benefit with a laser SAD: there is no loss of firing energy over a long fiber which does occur with the wires on a hotwire device. Fundamentally a laser safe and arm is still an out-of-line safe in arm.

  • Arming requires removal of optical block for the diode energy to reach the fiber
  • Desirable due to the exceptional safety since there is no electrical circuit connected to the ordnance. Only a fiber optic cable
  • Fundamental immunity to all electromagnetic environments
  • No firing energy loss in a long fiber
  • The pyrotechnic material is a primary, and therefore a sensitive energetc
Laser Ordnance Devices
Key Features Interface

Key Features

Reliable. Credible.

  • Precision design
  • Exact manufacturing
  • Proven in service reliability
  • Critical missile defense systems depend upon our laser ordnance devices


Since the mid 90’s, the technology has transferred to high power laser diode initiation. The PacSci EMC design offers the ultimate in EMI/EMC immunity for ordnance initiation. The extra safety protection provided by our unique design is a complete faraday cage separating the electronics from the laser diodes. Our experience includes Laser Initiated Ordnance System (LIOS), Ordnance Devices including Laser Initiated Squibs (LIS), Detonators (LID) and Laser TBI’s (LTBI) and the accompanying cutters, valves, gas generator, etc. plus the Fiber Optic Cables to connect the LIOS to the laser initiated Ordnance Devices.

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