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Laser Ordnance Systems & Devices

PacSci EMC is the leader in the innovation of safety critical laser ordnance initiation systems. We have over 24 years of experience in laser ordnance systems & devices with system reliability, and operational flexibility. The laser initiation experience began with NdYag and Q-switched laser systems. These systems range from kW to MW output capability.

Since the mid 90’s, the technology has transferred to high power laser diode initiation. The PacSci EMC design offers the ultimate in EMI/EMC immunity for ordnance initiation. The extra safety protection provided by our unique design is a complete faraday cage separating the electronics from the laser diodes.

Our Laser Firing Units (LFUs), Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (FOCAs), Laser Detonators and Laser Initiators (LIDs and LIS) are specifically designed for missile flight sequencing and flight termination activities. Current production programs have as many as 14 unique ordnance events from a single LFU (3-inch cube). Typical ordnance functions include: Booster Motor Ignition (BMI) (MIL-STD-1901A qualified), Flight Termination System (RCC-319 qualified), Divergence Attitude Control Assembly (DACS), canister separation, flare activation, reserve battery initiation, cryogenic valve activation, stage separation and cryo/fiber optic cutters.

For product specific questions about our laser ordnance systems & devices, please contact missiles@psemc.com or please call (888) 995-5143 for immediate assistance.

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