Rocket Motor Igniter


How It Works

A Rocket Motor Igniter provides the necessary heat source to ignite rocket engines. This igniter utilizes an electrical input stimulus that ignites an Electro-Explosive Device (EED), which in turn ignites a propellant grain. The propellant grain is designed to sustain a controlled burn to emit the necessary heat and hot particles for sufficient time to reliably ignite a rocket motor. We can tailor the burn duration to meet performance specification requirements, or they can be customized to burn for a specified period of time, based on the application. We have manufactured millions of igniters which have proven highly effective in a diverse set of applications.

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  • RMIs are used to ignite solid rocket motors or liquid fueled rocket engines.

  • Our igniters are used on multiple missile and space vehicle platforms, including:

    • Delta IV, Main Engine (RS-68) Igniter
    • Delta IV, Gas Generator Igniter (RS-68)
    • Antares (Taurus II), Main Engine (AJ26-62)
  • All-Fire
    4.0 amperes for 20 milliseconds

    Operating Temperature
    -20°F to +160°C

    Applicable Specifications
    Qualified to MIL-STD-1576
    Initiator qualified to MIL-I-23659

    Initiation Delay: 70 milliseconds, maximum
    Action Time: 2.0 seconds, minimum
    Plume Length: 12 inches, minimum
    Caloric Output Rate: 36,400 calories per second, minimum