Lead Azide Free Detonator

RF Safe Detonator | Top Fire

Leveraging the heritage of our GreenDet utilizing RSCB technology and lead azide free energetics, we now offer a top fire version.  Our lead azide free detonator requires no wire connections and offers the same RF safe features found in the GreenDet.

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    • RF Safe per RP-67 as tested by Franklin Applied Physics Laboratory
    • No special firing panel required
    • Hermetically sealed
    • Cobalt-based CLCP lead-free energetic
    • 99.99% @95% initiation reliability
    • Tested reliability at 400°F for 12 hours
    • Drop-in use, no wire connections required
    • Shunted until properly armed
  • As a global leader in the design and manufacture of energetic oilfield technologies, PacSci EMC products are known for reliability and innovation. The Top Fire Detonator is designed as a drop in detonator for use in Owen Oil Tools top fire gun systems.

  • Electrical Specifications
    Reactive Semi-Conductor Bridge (RSCB) Initiation (RF Safe)
    Designated RF Safe by Franklin Applied Physics
    Resistance: NA
    All Fire Voltage: 300V
    No Fire Voltage: 55V (held under constant VOLTAGE for five minutes)
    Static Sensitivity: MIL-DTL-23659F

    Output: CICP
    Net Explosive Weight: 332mg

    Temperature Rating
    Twelve Hours at 400°F (200°C)

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