Laser Motor Igniter

Laser Motor Igniters perform the same roles as conventional motor igniters although they use an alternate activation method – infrared laser light. Laser initiated devices offer unique characteristics over electrically ignited devices. They are ESD, RF and EMI/EMP immune which can be advantageous in certain design applications. They also generally present a system weight reduction for cabling because the fiber optic lines weigh less than typical copper lines and energetic transfer lines. We have qualified designs which utilize 100, 200 and 400 micron fiber optic cable assemblies. Any of the current designs can be adapted to other specified fiber optic systems.

Reliability and safety have been demonstrated on these designs as attested by the approval of range safety and man rated system uses.

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  • Our igniters can be used in applications requiring ignition of propellants or other deflagrating energetics in rocket motors or systems. Laser motor igniters also serve as a sealed bulkhead in the post-fire state providing a bulkhead/barrier resisting high back pressures.

  • PacSci EMC laser detonators are qualified and used in missile interceptor applications.

  • All-Fire
    250 milliwatt / 5 millisecond

    Function Time
    < 5 milliseconds

    -90 °F to +220 °F

    Operating Temperature
    .15 to 2.50 inches typical

    Output (20cc bomb)
    100 – 1,700 lbs. force typical

    Applicable Specifications
    Qualified to MIL-DTL-23659 Appendix A
    Explosives from MIL-STD-1750
    Compliant with MIL-STD-1901A


Geometric interface dimensions and features can be customized to meet customer applications.