Percussion Initiator

Rapid Deflagrating Material (RDM)

Percussion initiator used in tubing conveyed perforating (TCP).

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  • The RDM initiator provides a deflagrating output which is more suitable to igniting flammable solids and power charges than detonating output devices. This device has a notable brown stripe along the side of the cap so that it won’t be confused with the identically sized CLCP, or also known as CP Detonator.

  • Designed with the same oilfield expertise you can trust , the RDM initiator is a proven reliable percussion initiator for TCP perforating guns.

  • All-Fire
    12.4 ft-lb

    7.4 ft-lb

    Operating Temperature
    500°F for 12 hours

    Explosive Materials
    Primer: 24 mg
    Output Charge: 380 mg
    NEW: 404 mg

    Number / Class: UN0454 / 1.4S
    Name: Igniter
    Reference Number: EX20140607
    NRCanada and CE approved

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