Pyrotechnic Pin Puller

Tailor Made For Mission Critical Wins

Our compact, explosive pin puller delivers precision movement on command, securing or releasing a variety of payloads. We will customize to meet any mission-critical need, including the controlled release of:

  • structural fittings
  • mechanisms
  • rods
  • cables
  • booms
  • parachutes

Looking for a Pin Puller?

We will customize to meet any mission-critical need, including the controlled release of:

  • structural fittings
  • mechanisms
  • rod
  • cables
  • booms
  • parachutes

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An ordnance actuated or pyrotechnic pin puller is typically used to restrain a mechanism under low to extreme side loads and then rapidly releases them for a clean separation. The pin pullers retain all explosive hot gases with the use of various elastomeric seals. Pin pullers can be actuated by an electrical explosive device (pressure cartridge), a mechanical primer initiated device (gas generator), a linear detonation transfer line (SMDC, FCDC, ETL, RDC) or a laser actuated ordnance device (laser initiated squib or detonator). Function time in most applications is under 20 milliseconds from application of input energy.

The energy from any of these devices expands rapidly in a confined space, resulting in a volume change which drives the pin inside of the pin puller body. Retraction length of the pin is controlled by the envelope of the body. The pins retract rapidly in most applications, creating a mechanical shock when the piston reaches full stroke. Dampeners can be installed into the pin pullers when lower mechanical shock is needed. In many applications, the shock of other devices being released is as great as, or greater than, that generated by pin puller actuation.

A pin puller can be sized for a wide variety of geometries and they can in some cases include switches to verify pin retraction has occurred.


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A pin puller is almost unlimited for one shot type devices. They are used for emergency door release on helicopters and space capsules, fin and wing release, fuze arming, satellite release systems and missile release.


Our pin pullers are in use on a multitude of platforms: shoulder fired Javelin missile launch tube restraint systems and satellite release systems from multiple launch vehicles (Atlas V, Delta IV, and Sea Launch), along with other classified applications.


  • Operating Temperature Range
    -65 °F (-54 °C) to +350 °F (+176.67 °C)
  • Shock
    1400g @ 10,000Hz (and per vehicle environments)
  • Vibration
    33.5Grms (and per vehicle environments)
  • Output
    Detonation – sized for 150% vehicle motor case thickness
    Penetration > 1.5 inch steel available
  • Application Specifications


Dimensional interface, shaft diameters and actuation length can be customized to meet your application needs.
Pin Puller Technical

Pin puller designs are limited to envelope and performance. Pin pull shaft diameters can range from < .100 inch to > .5 inch.