Our suppliers are critical business partners, and we count on them to meet the same high standards for safety, quality, delivery, cost and customer satisfaction that we place on ourselves. We work closely with suppliers to produce superior products in a responsible manner while meeting – and exceeding – expectations for ethics, compliance and environmental responsibility. Want to become a PacSci EMC supplier?  Please contact psemcsupplychain@psemc.com.

Table of Contents

    Doing Business with PacSci EMC

    Interested in doing business with PacSci EMC? We’d love to hear from you. For more information on our suppliers or Code of Conduct – click on the PDF or site links below.


    Proposal Guidance

    Read about PacSci’s EMC’s Proposal Guidance:

    Supplier Proposal Adequacy Guidelines
    DI-SUP-105F02 Contract Pricing Proposal Cover Sheet
    DI-SUP-105F03 Supplier Proposal Adequacy Checklist
    DI-SUP-105F04 Proposal Pricing Instructions

    For more information regarding proposal guidance, please contact psemcsupplychain@psemc.com.

    California Transparency in Supply Chain Act

    Effective, January 1, 2012, it is required for retailers and manufacturers operating in the state of California to make public the steps they have undertaken to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply and distribution chain. In line with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657), Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) is committed to addressing the issues within PacSci EMC’s supply chain. PacSci EMC is in full compliance of the Act, and has included in its supplier audit checklist an item which checks on compliance. PacSci EMC has also included in its supplier assessments an item in which a supplier verifies they are in compliance. Finally, PacSci EMC has included in our purchasing Terms and Conditions a statement in which a supplier asserts they are in compliance through acceptance of a Purchase Order from PacSci EMC.

    Supplier Diversity

    PacSci EMC’s Supplier Diversity Program provides an inclusive working environment for small, minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned (including service disabled veterans), and HUBZone businesses, as well as technical, engineering and research services for historically black colleges, universities and minority institutions.

    Our commitment to a diverse supply base reflects the demographics and values of our company, customers, and the communities we operate in.

    PACSCI EMC Supplier Diversity Policy Statement
    Supplier Diversity FAQs

    For more information regarding supplier diversity, please contact psemcsupplychain@psemc.com.

    Supplier Quality

    PacSci EMC Supplier Expectations
    – Zero Quality Escapes (PPM);Paperwork Escapes; SCAR’s
    – 100% On-Time Delivery

    Supplier Quality Requirements:
    #842 BK Supplier Quality Requirements – updated 07/2023
    #2775 A ADC Traceability Form – updated 07/2014

    Special Process
    PSEMC Special Process Approvals_SQC96 – updated 04/26/2021
    ULA (SQC99) Special Process House Access
    SQC105 Instructions – Read First
    SQC105 Approved Aerojet Special Process House Access

    Supplier Change Notifications
    #2030 Vendor Information Request VIR Rev G – updated 03/2012

    Supplier Registration
    #1537 Supplier Survey for OEM Suppliers Rev D – updated 12/2016
    #1645 Calibration Vendor Survey for Tooling and Calibration Rev C – updated 07/2016
    #1691 Distributor Quality System Evaluation Rev D – updated 09/2017

    For more information regarding supplier quality, please contact: psemcsupplychain@psemc.com

    Supplier Terms & Conditions

    Read about PacSci EMC’s Terms and Conditions of Purchase incorporated by reference on every PacSci EMC purchase order:

    #1548 General Provisions For Government Purchase Orders Rev D – updated 01/2024
    #2198 Property Custody Agreement Provisions – Rev C – updated 05/2018
    #2772 US Government Provisions and Clauses Under US Government Contracts Rev G – updated 03/2022
    #2795 General Provisions For Commercial Subcontracts – Rev B – updated 09/2019
    DI SUP 201 F01 Annual Supplier Registration Data Representations and Certifications – Rev H – updated 05/2022

    For more information regarding supplier terms and conditions, please contact psemcsupplychain@psemc.com.