Percussion Fired CLCP Initiator

Percussion Fired Detonator

Product Description

The percussion fired detonator is used for initiating high order detonation of oilfield boosters. Our CLCP percussion fire detonator will withstand 20 ksi through the primer cap after functioning.

Percussion Fired CLCP Initiator
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This CLCP Initiator is an oilfield ordnance device.


  • Firing Characteristics
    No-Fire: 5.0 ft-lbs
    All-Fire: 10.0 ft-lbs
  • Material Data
    Housing & Closure: CRES
  • Sealing Properties
    Hermetically sealed
  • Explosive Materials
    Primer: 20 mg CLCP/Glass
    Output: 355 mg CLCP
    New: 375 mg
  • Temperature Rating
    320°F for 200 hours
    340°F for 100 hours
    Initiates detonation of RDX or HMX booster
  • Shipping Classification
    Number/Class: UN0455 / 1.4S
    Name: Detonators, non-electric
    Reference Number: EX2009100299
    NRCanada No. XP2050-P4-04032902
  • EC Type Examination Cert


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