Aerospace, Defense & Security Systems

70+ Years of Experience.

As the leading designer and manufacturer of a range of highly effective safety systems used in emergency situations, including space and aircraft crew egress and vehicle apprehension, both military and commercial programs depend upon our reliability.

Reliable. Credible.

  • Used in the Space Launch Vehicle for Flight Termination Systems (FTS), Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) ignition systems, ignition stage separation and 2nd stage engine ignition
  • Used in Tactical and Strategic Missile Platforms for FTS
  • Used by the Department of Homeland Security and local police agencies throughout the country.


Flight Termination System In Action

Flight Termination Systems

Ultimate Safety

This technology forms the basis of our 60 years of experience in providing reliable S&A devices to a multitude of program platforms.

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ArrestNet Vehicle Arresting System

ArrestNet™ - Vehicle Arresting System

Portable Protection.

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NightHawk Remote Tire Deflation Device

NightHawk™ - Remote Tire Deflation Device

Ultimate Officer Safety.

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