Emergency Escape Systems Functioning 1st time, every time, reliable designs flight crews expect.

We count on everyone coming home and milliseconds matter when it comes to safety. For decades, PacSci EMC provides the means for helicopter crews to react to an emergency and execute a safety system to recovery the aircraft to allow ground escape, extinguish a fire, release an unstable load or inflate flotation devices in a water ditching. Regardless of the emergency, the women and men aircrews count on PacSci EMC to keep them safe.

Canopy Fracturing/Underwater Emergency Egress System

Fire Suppression

    Rapid and fast-acting, our cartridges ensure the fire suppressant flows from their storage bottles by opening a closure in milliseconds when a command signal is received. They are qualified to MIL-DTL-23659 and MIL-D-21625C for Type III service release. PacSci EMC supports Fire Suppression System manufacturers in obtaining FAA Airworthiness Approval 8130 tags for commercial airliners by designing, testing and manufacturing Fire Ex Cartridges that meet their specification requirements. These qualifications allow you to operate with complete confidence focusing on the mission at hand.

    Fast Reliable Initiation

    New Technology To Suppress Tires

Payload Deployment & Emergency Release

    Providing the means to release mission-critical devices like missiles, weapons and relief supplies or emergency jettison of a pylon or fuel tank or severance of a winch cable, we have the devices necessary to ensure mission success and aircrew safety.

    High Energy, Reliable Initiation

    Secure Fasteners, Fast Precision Release