Flexible Linear Shaped Charge

A Flexible Linear Shaped Charge (FLSC) or Linear Shaped Charge (LSC) is a continuous core enclosed in a seamless metal sheath. Charges are shaped in the form of an inverted “V” allowing the continuous metal sheath liner and encased explosive to produce a uniform linear cutting action upon detonation. This application of the Monroe Effect is enhanced by careful control of charge dimension and configuration as well as sheath thickness and uniformity. Metal clad linear shaped charges may be encased in copper, lead, aluminum, tin or silver and can sever steel, aluminum and other metals, structural sections, wood, composite materials, and glass. When a reliable and fast cut is required, our FLSC is used to sever a multitude of materials.

FLSC is typically processed to core-load tolerances of plus or minus 20 percent. Detonation velocities range from 6,000 to over 8,000 meters/second depending on the explosive and metal-clad material selected. We have manufactured millions of feet for linear explosive products over decades of continuous production.

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The forces generated by detonating FLSC, as in all explosive shapes, radiates outward in all directions. The inverted “V” geometry of FLSC serves to concentrate a portion of these forces in one direction, creating an efficient cutting jet.

The cutting jet developed by FLSC can be used to penetrate and sever a variety of targets.  Typical applications of FLSC include rocket thrust/flight termination, launch vehicle stage separation, aircraft emergency egress, payload fairing separation and deployment.

In applications where little or no backblast is desired, attenuation material is employed to contain these forces. The attenuation material can range from a heavy metal charge holder to low density plastic foam or silicone rubber depending on specific requirements.


FLSC is typically used as the final explosive charge in a system or sub-system.  It has been primarily used for missile and space vehicle applications including stage separation, skin severance and range safety flight destruct / destabilization in addition to various aircraft for emergency egress.  The Minuteman III, Delta IV, and F-35 Lightning II Program (aka Joint Strike Fighter Program) are just a few of the applications to benefit from the versatility of this product.  One of our core products, FLSC continues to be designed into the latest aircraft, missile and space platforms because of its ease of manufacturability and high reliability.


  • Available Explosives
  • Available Sheath Material
    Tin (Patented)
  • Velocity of Detonation
    6,000 to >8,000 meters / second depending on explosive, sheath and core-load
  • Severance Capability
    Dependent on core-load and sheath
    > .500” High strength steel alloy possible
  • Temperature Capability
    +400°F possible depending on explosive and sheath material


Flexible Linear Shaped Charge can be customized to fit many envelopes.

Flexible Linear Shaped Charge FLSC Envelope

The height and width of FLSC are dependent on core-load and sheath material selected and are tailored for program requirements. The table below provides a range of core-load and dimensions for FLSC.

Core Load (grains/ft)
Height (inches)
Width (inches)
10 .090 .120
20 .130 .180
50 .180 .220
100 .250 .280
250 .375 .465l
750 .600 .740


Military Aircraft Ejection

Military Aircraft Ejection

When a military aircraft ejection is imminent, removing the canopy by jettison or fracturing is advisable to avoid the elevated levels of head and neck load on the aircrew member ejecting.