Smart Initiator

Smart Initiator & Detonator

Smart Initiators (also known as digital initiators or networked initiators) are NASA Standard Initiator (NSI) equivalent output initiators that are MIL-DTL-23659 compliant and is 1A/1W.

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  • Based on the 103377-32 and 103377-500, our smart initiator has a legacy dating back to 1976 with over 1,000,000 initiators delivered and 400 different variants.

    • High Reliability, high output Reactive Semiconductor Bridge (RSCB) and self-contained smart firing electronics.
    • RSCB doped bridge element with a high caloric output material much more robust and immune than SCBs to vibration, shock or thermally caused bridge-powder gaps.


Smart Initiators can be customized to fit many customer envelopes.
SMART Initiator