Propellant Actuated Devices

Critical to Mission Success

Product Description

50+ Years, Qualifications & Premier Performance

Propellant actuated devices, by definition, are compact, self-contained devices that utilize the energy supplied by gasses produced by burning propellants to initiate a mechanical action. They can be triggered in any number of ways: by explosive transfer lines (ETLs), electric detonators, pressure cartridges, or internal explosive cartridges.

Thanks to our highly reliable designs with zero tolerance for inaccuracy, PacSci EMC gas generators are used the world over for deployment and retraction of equipment including life rafts, ejection seat rails, large aircraft pylon emergency release mechanisms and inertia reel straps on ejection seats.

PacSci EMC – with our extensive lab capabilities, world-renowned chemists, and ability to meet extremely tight performance parameters – leads the way in the design, manufacture, and delivery of Propellant Actuated Devices (PADs) across the globe. Trusted by customers to ensure successful performance on their applications: aircraft, missiles, space, marine, ground vehicles and oil & gas. From deep sea to deep space our PADs contribute to vital and critical mission success.

Our Propellant Actuated Devices

Propellant Actuated Devices
Key Features

Key Features

Separation Safety, Controlled & Predictive

  • Qualifying for over half a century
  • Qualifying and delivering mission success for Delta IV, MHI H2 Rocket & NASA’s Space Shuttle
  • Proven operation in extreme environments
  • Legacy engineering for today’s modern applications

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