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Capitalize on demonstrated reliability and proven safety. You’ll find us on space launch vehicles, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and the oil and gas field. We’re flying from Blue Origin to Virgin Galactic and from Boeing to Raytheon

All of our pyrotechnic initiators include tailored features such as output pressure values, rise times, ranges of current levels for no-fire, all-fire, maximum function times to initiation or peak pressure, dent depth, temperature rating and more, to meet just about any mission.

Defining High Reliability.

  • Four nines is the demonstrated reliability for the PacSci EMC heritage initiators.
  • Confidence Level: 95% Demonstrated Reliability*: 0.999956
    *probability to function based on testing completed in-house
    (DLAT, Qualification or Delta-Qualification)
  • Reliability Predictions; 0.999’s or greater at 90% confidence level; exceeding established military standard and specification requirements

Through Bulkhead Initiator

TBI v3 2-350490-1 & 197488

Product Description

A Through Bulkhead Initiator (TBI) is an initiation device that utilizes a shock input stimulus where the TBI donor charge initiates and transfers a shock wave through an adjacent structural bulkhead with sufficient intensity to cause the initiation of a receptor charge on the opposite side of the bulkhead. The TBI provides a detonation or deflagration at the output end of the device without breaching the bulkhead which is designed to provide a pressure containment barrier post functioning.

We offer an entire array of Through Bulkhead Initiator (TBI) that can be used for initial system activation, signal transmission, signal transfer or changes in signal medium type. We design mechanical, hot gas pressure and detonation initiation with single or redundant features – either explosive loaded or inert. If your needs require it, an internal time delay element can be added for sequencing requirements. Our TBIs are nonelectric initiators which require a detonation input to transfer energy through an internal bulkhead.

The primary function of the TBI is to propagate sufficient energy through this integral bulkhead to then initiate a detonation or deflagration at the output end of the device. The initiator’s internal bulkhead is designed not to breach. Typical applications for these units are in rocket motor and gas generator ignition where it is critical to maintain a pressure tight seal after functioning.

Pressure Cartridge

Pressure-Cartridge-v1 817444

Product Description

Pressure Cartridges have their greatest utility generating high rates of pressure force for a short period of time. Displacement devices such as pin pullers, normally open or closed valves, thruster and separation bolts utilize this device. In several ejection seats pressure cartridges are utilized as an initiator for propellant charges. Pressure cartridges are adaptable to the requirements of your system for different pressure output to accomplish specific events. Our 103377 series has over 400 variations utilized in a wide range of aerospace and defense platforms. Our 817444 series cartridge has become a standard within the ejection seat community to initiate other explosive devices because of its high reliability and robust design.

One Way Initiators


Product Description

One Way Initiators are Explosive Transfer Line (ETL) high energy end tip actuated devices that allows detonation transfer to proceed to another high energy transfer line in one direction only. The location of the one way allows detonation to proceed in one direction only. This component is analogous to a one way diode in an electrical circuit. The advantage provided is to control multiple canopy/hatch removal vs. an individual one.

Mechanical Pull Initiators

Mechanical-Pull-Initiator v1

Product Description

Mechanical Pull Initiators are used to initiate a Canopy Fracture Systems (CFS) and Transparency Removal Systems (TRS). They rely on the upward movement of the ejection seat or pulling of an attached cable to pull a shaft(s) or have the seat strike a ‘trip’ lever on a firing pin mechanism to function (fire) the initiator.  The initiators can be configured for single or dual firing pin mechanisms and single or dual output.  Examples of the initiators we’ve designed are shown at right.

Lanyard Pull Initiator


Product Description

Used to start a pyrotechnic chain of events, a Lanyard Pull Initiator (LPI) incorporates a designated time delay period, once reached attached Explosive Transfer Lines (ETLs) or similar devices are initiated. Pull of the attached lanyard provides mechanical energy to initiate dual percussion primers which start a pyrotechnic chain of events.

Impulse Cartridge

Impulse Cartridge v1

Product Description

Impulse Cartridges release aircraft stores, ejection systems and other operations by providing the power source to free or eject a store away from an aircraft or to operate other devices. They may be either percussion or electrically initiated.

Our cartridges are designed to meet critical elements for counter measures such as precise exit velocities to ensure a chaff or flare is able to ‘distract’ an incoming threat from an actual aircraft. The amount of powder is critical to ensure consistent performance from cartridge to cartridge. We maintain all powder weight to ± milligrams. For stores release, especially in an emergency, time is of the most importance and initiation first time every time is paramount. Our cartridges reach within milliseconds to the initiation signal with an output sized to ensure release of the external item (i.e. fuel tank, load winch hook, cable cutter, etc.).

The bridgewire welding and final closure is performed to exacting tolerances. These superior statistical process controlled (SPC) manufacturing procedures assure the user of reliable and consistent performance far exceeding existing specification requirements. Performance parameters assure consistent and reliable flare ejection in the field. The low variances in performance measurements are a result of SPC manufacturing and tight control materials quality.

Hot Gas Initiator

Hot Gas Initiator v1

Product Description

A Hot Gas Initiator provides a method of converting one signal transmission method into another. Typical conversion types as part of an Emergency Escape System include:

  • Hot gas (i.e. from an Ejection Seat System) to a detonating signal (i.e.: to an attached Shielded Mild Detonating Cord (SMDC), Flexible Confined Detonating Cord (FCDC), Confined Detonating Cord (DCD) or Rapid Deflagrating Cord Transfer Line(RDCTL)
  • Detonating signal to hot gas
  • Hot gas to a deflagrating signal (i.e. HGI to attached RDCTL)

Electric Initiators

Smart Initiator v2

Product Description

Electric Initiators, also known as Hot Bridge Wires (HBW) are used to provide high reliable critical functions across many industries. An Electric Initiator (EI) converts electrical energy into chemical energy providing a gas or heat output. An electrical input is applied to the EI, heating a small wire, called a bridge wire, which is in contact with the pyrotechnic. The wire quickly heats to the auto-ignition temperature of the pyrotechnic or explosive material. The pyrotechnic material then reacts providing gas pressure and/or flame. The heat and flame can be used to ignite other explosives or propellants while the gas pressure can be used to perform work.

Frequently used names are: initiator, hot bridge wire, igniter, ignitor, detonator, squib, cartridge, or pressure cartridge.


Fire Extinguisher Squib

Fire Ex Squib

Product Description

Fire Extinguisher Squibs are utilized to allow the flow of fire suppressant from a storage bottle. The engines, auxiliary power units and in some cases gear boxes on helicopters incorporate extensive measures for fire protection. The Fire Ex cartridge or squib is an integral part of commercial and military fire extinguisher systems. Cartridges/squibs come in a number of configurations and output depending upon the customer requirements. The configuration is driven by the manufacturers of the different fire suppression systems. In many cases, the same cartridge is utilized on several different aircraft because they use the same fire suppression storage bottle. This simplifies logistics and data tracking if done.

Exploding Foil Initiator

EFI v1

Product Description

An exploding foil initiator (EFI), also known as Slapper Detonator, are uses to initiate insensitive explosive materials usually in the first stage of an explosive chain, it is a short-pulse electric signal  device and contains no primary explosive. It is used to provide reliable in-line initiation of explosive trains in ordnance systems with a high degree of safety, reliability, precision and repeatability.