Lead Azide Free Detonator

Lead Azide Free Detonator

Product Description

Leveraging the heritage of our GreenDet utilizing RSCB technology and lead azide free energetics, we now offer a top fire version.  Our lead azide free detonator requires no wire connections and offers the same RF safe features found in the GreenDet.

Percussion Primer

Product Description

The percussion fired primer is used to ignite various detonating and extender delay fuses. Our primer relates to perforating systems for oil and gas.

Percussion Initiator

Product Description

The Rapid Deflagrating Material (RDM) initiator provides a deflagrating output which is more suitable to igniting flammable solids and power charges than detonating output devices. This device has a notable brown stripe along the side of the cap so that it won’t be confused with the identically sized CLCP, or also known as CP Detonator.

HNS Initiator

HNS Initiator

Product Description

The percussion fired detonator is used for initiating the detonation of oilfield tubing conveyed perforating guns. Our percussion fire detonator withstands 31,500 psi through primer cap after firing.

CLCP 6 Minute Pyrotechnic Time Delay Fuse

Product Description

Our green energetic pyrotechnic time delay fuse provides time manipulation of down-hole pressure/detonation for oilfield tubing conveyed perforating guns. This lead free 6-minute time delay is truly a game changer.

For years, lead and silver azides are commonly used in commercial and military applications as primary explosives to initiate secondary explosives. Used in a variety of oil and gas industry products and operations, including Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) and wireline perforating operations, these materials are extremely sensitive and potentially hazardous; particularly during manufacturing, loading, assembly, handling and field operations. In addition, lead azide is highly toxic and presents a number of environmental issues during its manufacture and use.

Challenged to find a more stable and lead-free alternative energetic material, we developed and currently manufacture 2-(5-chlorotetrazolato)-pentaammine cobalt (III) diperchlorate (CLCP), an energetic material used extensively in oilfield completions to initiate perforating guns. CLCP is a ‘green’ or lead-free, cobalt based material that offers excellent stability at high temperatures.

In addition, overall stability and auto ignition values for our CLCP are similar to those for lead azide and are only slightly less than those for silver azide. CLCP is substantially less sensitive to impact/shock and/or friction events when compared to azide-based materials. Designed as a deflagration to detonation transfer (DDT) explosive, CLCP requires a minimum column length and confinement to achieve full detonation. We have demonstrated that CLCP offers a reliable high order detonation when used under these conditions, and is superior to lead azide in a variety of applications.

GreenDet™ RF Safe Detonator

GreenDet RF-Safe-Detonators


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Product Description

Our Green Det lead-free energetic RF safe detonator comes is perfectly sized for easy drop-in to any wireline perforating system. With RSCB technology, Green Det allows communication and safe operation during fracking, arming of perforating guns, welding, stray current, voltage or other static electricity producing events when performance reliability is crucial.

Safety and product reliability continue to be a challenge in the oil and gas industry. We’ve listened to industry experts and understand your need for a next generation detonator that safely improves operating efficiencies and reliabilities in an increasingly complex Radio Frequency (RF) producing environment. Developed in cooperation with Owen Oil Tools, our Green Det™ is a low energy, RF-Safe, Reactive Semiconductor Bridge (RSCB) technology with a lead-free energetic and small package size for easy drop-in to any wireline perforating system.

Exploding Bridgewire Detonator (EBW)

Exploding Bridgewire Detonator

Product Description

Fluid & Disabled Exploding Bridge Wire

Where radio frequency (RF) safety is absolutely crucial in your perforating operation, we offer both fluid-disabled and standard exploding bridgewire detonators. Our Exploding Bridge Wire (EBW) contains a lead-free explosive (CLCP) functioned with an ECOSSE PX-1 Firing Set and initiate secondary booster detonation in wireline guns. Exploding bridge wires (EBW) detonators have a small wire imbedded in with ignition material. When sufficient electrical current is passed over the wire, the wire explodes and initiates detonation by the resulting shockwave.

Our Exploding Bridgewire Detonators entail two critical components, the thin wire bridging a gap which makes contact with the explosive device and a high-voltage source of electricity which produces a consistent, fast starting pulse. Once the wire has created a connection across the voltage, a high electric current instantly vaporizes the wire (in essence melting it) in milliseconds. Both the shockwave and the heat will then set of the desired pyrotechnic reaction train and explosive device. An important note is there is no lead azide nor any primary explosive in our EBW detonators, making them extremely insensitive to accidental initiation.

These devices require a high-energy discharge from a capacitor for detonation. If ignited from low energy current, the device will not produce detonation, allowing the operation to be insensitive to accidental initiation. EBWs are effectively immune to radio frequency (RF) sources and stray voltages that may be found on well sites and offshore platform. Our EBWs are capable of operating at 400°F for up to 16 hours.

To learn more about how EBWs work explicitly, here is an excellent article “A Review of the Mechanism by Which Exploding Bridge-wire Detonators Function” from The Royal Society

Detonation Booster Assembly (DBA)

DBA v1

Product Description

A Detonation Booster Assembly (DBA) is used to transition an initiator output from a deflagrating output to a detonating output. On launch vehicles, this would entail the transition of a NASA Standard Initiator (NSI) squib from deflagration to detonation in the explosive train.

Offering a broad spectrum of initiating capabilities, our detonation booster assembly is ideal for ordnance devices, such as, FCDCA, Destruct Charges and Stage Separation Rings, and provides improved system or downstream level components while allowing for firing architecture maintenance.

Percussion Fired CLCP Initiator

PF CLCP-Initiator

Product Description

The percussion fired detonator is used for initiating high order detonation of oilfield boosters. Our CLCP percussion fire detonator will withstand 20 ksi through the primer cap after functioning.