Missiles & Munitions

How Space Technology Has Enhanced Our Lives on Earth

In addition to creating lightweight aerogel-insulated apparel, NASA’s technological innovations have led to the development of a nanosensor array for medical diagnoses, the ResQPOD CPR device, memory foam for better sleep, durable radial tires, and advanced crop prediction systems, demonstrating the wide-ranging impact of space exploration on everyday life.

The complex simplicity of autonomous flight safety systems

Flight Termination

With over 70 years of experience, we offer low-risk solutions for launch vehicles and on-orbit assets, leveraging their expertise in electronics and pyrotechnics, and providing a wide range of products in their catalog, including successful flight-tested satellite sequencing hardware, smart initiators, controllers, connectors, MAPS Solid Propulsion, and Space Standard Initiators, along with their partnership with Space Information Labs (SIL) to offer a complete plug and play Autonomous Flight Safety System (AFSS) that combines our Flight Termination Systems (FTS) with SIL’s vehicle tracking and FTS batteries.

Hold Down Release Mechanism

Hold down release systems

Our Hold Down Release Mechanism (HDRM) is a reliable and customizable solution used to secure spacecraft equipment during launch and release them upon external command, offering a range of options including Release Nuts, Explosive Bolts, and Pyrotechnic Cutters, with built-in redundancy and optimization for mission-specific requirements.