Time Delay Percussion Igniter (TDI XL)


Product Description

The TDI XL is used for igniting time delays. Support hardware and assembly is not required. Backwards assembly is eliminated by the geometric interface. Our TDI XL assures reliable ignition under harsh environments and variable gap/alignment conditions. To protect and preserve the explosive primer for extended life and high reliability under harsh conditions, we provide a one piece, hermetically sealed enclosure.

Electronic Time Delay



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Product Description

Time delays are used to provide a controlled delay time in aircrew escape and launch vehicle payload deployment systems. Current systems rely on pyrotechnic time delays to achieve precise delays from initiation to output. Our time delay initiators consist of a hermetically sealed pyrotechnic cartridge which incorporates a Small Column Insulated Delay (SCID) element to perform the delay function. The initiator housing/assembly provides system interfaces for input and output devices in the sequencing system. The delays are typically initiated by standard detonating tips, deflagrating lines or hot gas output.

Delay times for these devices typically range from 30-milliseconds to 1.0-second for aircrew escape system applications. Launch vehicle payload deployment systems delay time requirements can exceed 2 minutes. Time tolerances are typically +/- 20% across the operating temperature range. Time delay initiators are typically standalone devices.