Customization & Advancements

PacSci EMC produces some of the world’s finest precision impulse rocket motors and attitude control motors for aircraft, missile and launched equipment and weapons – each designed to meet specific thrust and burn requirements. and benefit your ultimate mission goal.
We’ve incorporated advanced rocket motor technology into Network Attitude Control Thruster Systems (ACTS). ACTS technology can be used to rapidly steer “smart” bullets. “smart” mortars. tactical and cruise missiles. launch vehicles. satellites and kill -vehicles and to boost-phase interceptors and any vehicle that requires rapid maneuvering for both tactical and strategic applications.

Ignition. Controlled & Predictive.

• Qualified and delivering ground safety & launch of Delta IV, MHI H2 Rocket & NASA:s space shuttle
• Providing engine start & activating altitude control on multiple tactical & strategic missile platforms
• Providing safety for man rated devices & tactical ground operations

PacSci EMC Applications:

  • Delta IV, Main Engine (RS·68) Igniter
  • Delta IV, Gas Generator Igniter (RS·68)
  • Antares (Taurus 11), Main Engine (AJ26·62)
  • SMAW Motor Igniter
  • Pac•3 Attitude Control Motor Igniter
  • Javelin Boost and Sustain Motor Igniter
  • Mk-288 / Mk-48 Torpedo Engine Igniter
  • Mk-311 Hydra 70 Motor Igniter
  • MALO Engine Fuel Igniter
  • Taurus Cruise Missile Engine Fuel Igniter
  • JASSM·ER Missile Fuel Igniter
  • TacTom Cruise Missile Start Cartridge Igniter

Rocket Motor Igniter

eISD 108200

Product Description

Rocket Motor Igniters are used to ignite solid rocket motors or liquid fueled rocket engines.

Pyroflare Igniter

Pyroflare-Igniter v1

Product Description

A specialized initiator that produces high-temperature gas and particles for ignition of fuel for turbojet engines.  The output can be customized to specific performance factors for turbojet engines.   PacSci EMC has customized the pyroflare to specific missile and drone applications. Initiated with a 1 amp/1 watt electro-explosive device (EED) which can be initiated with standard battery power.   With the addition of a PacSci EMC Start Cartridge, you have all the components for a tailored engine start system for your program.

At least +20 years of experience in the manufacturing of pyroflare igniters. 1000+ have been delivered for application in turbojet engine systems.

Hydrogen Burn Off Igniters

Pyrotechnic Igniter

Product Description

Hydrogen Burn-Off Igniters (HBOI) utilize an electrical input stimulus that ignites an Electro-Explosive Device (EED) which in turn ignites a propellant grain. The propellant grain is designed to sustain a controlled burn for a specified amount of time (minimum of 22 seconds), As the propellant grain burns, it produces hot pyrotechnic particles which are propelled and exited through a nozzle in a cone pattern over a required distance (minimum of 15 feet). Propellant burn time duration and throw distance can be customized to meet specific customer application needs.

Another common version of this device is the Radially Outward Firing Igniter (ROFI). As the name implies, the ROFI spins sparks in an outward pattern to dispel the accumulation of hydrogen during launch.