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We can design and produce many lightweight, reliable pyro valve variations and sizes which will successfully support your mission-critical fluid systems from deep sea to deep space. Such as the SAFER valve

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Pyro valves (also known as explosive or one cycle valves) are used to open up or close off flow through to a liquid or gas stream.

The input stimulus required to operate the pyro valve can be electrical, laser, SMDC tip, gas pressure pulse, or Pyrovalve percussion primer.

The open valve is activated by firing a pyro cartridge creating gas that expands rapidly in a confined space resulting in a volume change driving a piston into the flow stream to close off flow, or to open flow.

The valve with welded connections offers long term zero leakage, and in any configuration can have high burst pressure (factor of safety) to specified operation pressures.


  • Surveyor Moon Lander vehicle 1966 to 1968, fuel pressurizing and venting valve
  • Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz and Space Shuttle fuel tank pressurizing
  • Delta missile launch program bi-level pressurization valve
  • F111 aircraft escape and flotation system
  • Emergency dam gate actuator pressurizing system,
  • OCO-2 satellite on Delta II
  • Fuel Valve SAAB RBS15 Mk3 Surface-to-Surface Missile (SSM),
  • Space vehicle (satellite) original for PIONEER SPACECRAFT
  • Space valve launched in 2009 on NASA’s WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) astronomical space telescope.


  • Operating Temperature
    Cryogenic to +250°F
  • Input Stimulus
    Within 10 milliseconds @ 5 amps (when electrically initiated)
    Within 3 milliseconds from ETL input stimulus
  • Outputs
    Opens or Close off liquid or gas stream flow in transfer system within 12 milliseconds of input stimulus
  • Applicable Specifications
    Qualified to

    • MIL-DTL-23659
      Compliant with MIL-STD-1901A
  • Pyro valve material can be changed to be compatible with mating pluming, corrosion resistance to the flow media


Pyro Valve designs and configurations can be sized and modified to meet the many requirements

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