Chemical Synthesis: Customized Energetics

Preparation & Testing of New or Customized Energetic Materials


Whether you need to replace a legacy energetic material (EM) that is no longer commercially available or have an application requiring new or modified chemicals with enhanced properties, we can help. Learn more in this new EM synthesis and evaluation capability brief.


Energetic materials (EMs) have long been utilized for a variety of military, aerospace, commercial and oil and gas applications. While legacy materials deliver specific and established properties, there are circumstances and applications that demand new or customized EMs.

Whether you need to replace a legacy material that is no longer commercially available or have an application requiring new or modified EMs with enhanced properties— spanning reliability, sensitivity, stability, compatibility, output and safety—Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) can help. With a long history of EM synthesis and evaluation, chemists and chemical engineers on staff and dedicated testing and production facilities, we can help you with a range of EM needs.

We can design and test new EMs with properties tailored to your exact requirements. We can provide custom synthesis of novel primary and secondary EMs, pyrotechnics and specialty chemicals that may not be commercially available. We can help you identify and evaluate the right EM for your specific application. And we can do it quickly.

Our fully equipped analytical laboratory is used to test the chemical, physical and safety characteristics of EMs and components found in nearly every type of hardware. And scale-up of specialty materials is performed in our powder production facility utilizing custom designed, remotely operated chemical reactors.

When safety and success must be assured, contact PacSci EMC. We can synthesize, test and deliver EMs that meet your reliability, functionality and mission criteria. Every time.

One Source for Chemical Synthesis, Testing and Production

PacSci EMC’s chemical, powder processing and engineering labs provide full service, single source facilities for a variety of analyses on hardware and both energetic and inert materials:

  • Molecular analyses
  • Thermal analyses
  • Chromatography/purification
  • Physical properties (particle size, surface area, etc.)
  • Safety properties (BAM friction, impact, ESD, etc.)
Chemical Synthesis Markets


Oil & Gas
Law Enforcement

Chemical Synthesis Microscope


Custom chemical synthesis and scale-up
Research and development of new EMs
Chemical, physical and safety testing
Design and assembly of prototypes
Packaging and delivery

  • Output testing
  • Failure analyses
  • Waste stream and disposal analysis
  • Optical analysis
  • Measurement and 3D rendering
Chemical Synthesis Staff Expertise

On Staff Expertise

Synthetic chemistry
Chemical engineering
Design engineering
Manufacturing engineering
Test engineering

Chemical Synthesis Fume Hood


Wet synthesis labs
Analytical lab
Powder processing facility
R&D engineering/ fabrication lab
Machine shop
Multiple test facilities
Explosives storage and shipping

Our Scientists and Engineers Have Experience with a Variety of EM – Related Test Protocols:

  • Aging and qualification testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Mil spec/ASTM testing
  • Environmental testing

PacSci EMC can respond to requests for specialty EMs and/or EM evaluation in an expedient manner.