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Over 50 years of innovation in energetic materials: synthesis, chemical process, development and integration in end use items.

Plus over 30 chemical patents… we continue to innovate to meet future needs .

PacSci EMC synthesizes primary, high explosive and specialty chemicals, performs powder blending and pyrotechnic compounding and conducts propellant mixing, casting and machining. In addition, our R & D team develops new energetics for a variety of applications including high-temperature, product improvement and green drop-in replacements for existing primary explosives.

Our pyrotechnic materials transform energy to perform some kind of work when milliseconds matter, whether it be to actuate, detonate, generate, initiate, perforate, separate or terminate, you can rely on the necessary outcome you need to complete your mission. Energetic materials (EMs) have long been utilized for a variety of military, aerospace, commercial and oil and gas applications. While legacy materials deliver specific and established properties, there are circumstances and applications that demand new or customized EMs.
Whether you need to replace a legacy material that is no longer commercially available or have an application requiring new or modified EMs with enhanced properties— spanning reliability, sensitivity, stability, compatibility, output and safety—Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PSEMC) can help. With a long history of EM synthesis and evaluation, chemists and chemical engineers on staff and dedicated testing and production facilities, we can help you with a range of EM needs.

The PacScie EMC chemistry facility is capable of receiving, analyzing, and performing safety testing along with fully documenting your projects which involve primary and secondary explosives. Download our capabilities brief here.


With over 30 chemical patents to our name, we are an established and respected industry leader in providing environmentally responsible energetic materials to the industries we serve.

At our dedicated powder and propellant manufacturing facilities and our full service chemistry laboratories – all staffed by highly knowledgeable, quality-focused associates – we set new standards for energetic material research, development, characterization, and synthesis

Energetics Meeting Demands for the Future

  1. Extreme temperature capability: energetics meeting the extremely high temperatures in deep underground applications and extreme cold temperatures for deep space applications.
  2. Patented Green energetics providing the global need for environmentally responsible energetics.
  3. Fully integrated chemical analysis capabilities helping our chemists create the new and patented energetic materials needed to meet future applications demanded by the market.
  4. Full suite of chemical analysis capabilities available to drive your projects forward.

Over the past 50 years our expertise has been providing new and innovative energetic materials solutions in applications where no other solutions previously existed.


  • Extreme temperature materials
  • Complete materials characterization
  • Organic & Inorganic Chemistry
  • Primary explosives synthesis
  • Dedicated Powder/Propellant Manufacturing Facility

Full range of energy transfer lines: Rapid deflagrating cords, Detonating Cord, Flexible or Linear Shaped Charge, Heat Sensing Cord.

Green Energetics
DBX-1 Lead Azide Replacement
KDNP Lead Styphnate Replacement

Energetic Material Research, Development, Characterization & Synthesis
MTX-1 Product Improvement for Tetrazene

Synthesis / Scale-up
Novel explosive materials

Specialty Chemical & High Explosive
Processing & Manufacturing

Complete Energetic Material Characterization

Molecular Analysis

Thermal Analysis
Thermal Conductivity

Chromatography / Purity
Ion Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography

Physical Properties
BET Surface Area
Particle Size Analysis
KF Water Analysis

Safety Properties
BAM Friction

Explosive Materials Compounding

Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

Primary Explosive Synthesis

Propellant Mixing, Casting & Machining

Powder and Propellant Manufacturing
Dedicated Associates to Ensure Process & Quality Control
Blending, Casting and Extrusion of Propellant/Formed Explosives
Full Range of Equipment for Blending, Inspecting, Testing and Evaluating Pyrotechnic Materials
Blending of Production Pyrotechnic Powders
Breakdown of Metal Powders For Use in Processing Powders
Grinding Oxidizers to Appropriate Particle Size
Maintaining Inventory and Proper Storage Conditions for Explosive
Performing Calorific Testing On Powders
Performing Average Particle Size Determination
Propellant Machining with 4-Bay Remote Controlled, CNC Lathe & Mill Cells (Video & CNC Control Equipment)


Green Energetics
DBX-1  |  KDNP

High performing. Reduced impact.

Heat Powder

Fast ignition. Good sensitivity.

Hipel 710

Readily ignitable and stable.


Lead styphnate (LS) is a primary explosive widely used in ordnance systems as a component of initiation trains. These applications include non-corrosive percussion primers, stab initiated devices, bridgewire initiated compositions, and detonators.

Abstract: An output closure is a critical component of a pyrotechnic igniter. It controls the heat transfer duration of initiation train, stress loading on the propellant grain, and the pressure drop during closure deployment.

A 3-dimensional structural analysis of solid propellant grains in a gas generator during its ignition event using explicit dynamic method was conducted in this study.

Energetic materials with enhanced thermal stability are crucial for several commercial applications, including oilfield exploration and completion operations with high thermal stability in more extreme environments.

Whether you need to replace a legacy energetic material (EM) that is no longer commercially available or have an application requiring new or modified chemicals with enhanced properties, Pacific Scientific can help.

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Co. (PacSci EMC) in Chandler, AZ, in conjunction with chemists at NSWC-IH and elsewhere, has developed DBX-1, an environmentally friendly (Green) primary explosive.

Interested in knowing more about how composite materials can be implemented into energetic devices?

At PacSci EMC, our safety practices and programs are the best of the best, ensuring that your deliverables and business continuity won’t be interrupted by safety incidents.

Our Piston ActuatorsCuttersPin Pullers, Pushers, Thrusters and Retractors depend on the active stroke of an internal rod/piston to induce or control the motion that helps you achieve your mission-critical goal.

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