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Launch Vehicles.

Ground-Based to Payload Separation

Launch Vehicles

Trusted for 65+ years within the Space industry, we are proud to be part of the commercialization of space. Our products are used in all phases of vehicle flight beginning with ground-based operations through lift-off/boost, solid rocket booster jettison, payload fairing separation, booster separation, second stage flight, payload separation and flight termination.


Lift-Off / Boost Phase

Proven & Reliable

Our Hold Down & Release, as well as, Hydrogen Burn Off products are the standard for multiple launch vehicle manufacturers.


Solid Rocket Booster Jettison

Strong & Adaptable

PacSci EMC's separation and frangible nut product family is tailorable to meet your specific applications.


Booster, Payload & Fairing Separation

Precision & Qualified

We continue to design new initiators to meet or exceed the performance requirements of NASA Standard Initiators (NSI).

Helping Achieve Mission Success

Whether it’s pyrotechnic and safety devices or electronic and laser ordnance firing systems, our innovative solutions are crafted to align with your unique business needs by boosting productivity, reducing unnecessary maintenance and ensuring safety and reliability – and help your team achieve mission success.


The low-cost, qualified off-the-shelf solution.


A full suite of devices used in space, military and commercial applications


Depend on our linear explosives to make the cut in even the most extreme environments.


Developing Smart Energetics Architecture (SEA™) solutions including sequencing, attitude control, deorbiting and propulsion.


Rocket motor igniters, HBOI’s and ROFI’s along with gas generator and time delays


Highly reliable devices for strategic and tactical missiles, space launch vehicles and aircraft applications

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