Fortive Business Systems

At PacSci EMC (a Fortive operation company or OpCo) success happens with purpose and intent. Our proven system for achieving this success is known as the Fortive Business System (FBS), which drives our performance and every aspect of our culture.

Superior performance and high expectations attract exceptional people, who then continue the cycle.

Guiding all efforts is a simple philosophy rooted in four customer-facing priorities: Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Innovation.

A never-ending cycle of change and improvement is driven by the FBS engine and fueled by PacSci EMC’s core values:

Exceptional PEOPLE develop outstanding PLANS constructing sustainable PROCESSES

Fortive Business System Tools

Excelling in: Growth, Leadership, Lean and Fundamentals

The Fortive Business System tools we utilize include a philosophy, set of values, and series of management processes that collectively define how we do what we do and who we are today. It’s these tools that have become the differentiator for our business because:

  • They have been refined over time into an integrated set of values and processes
  • They are designed to yield the highest impact
  • They can be implemented quickly and sustained over time by all our associates
  • They are shared across all of Fortive’s operating companies

Our culture is values-based, customer-centric, process-oriented, and results-driven.  At Fortive, and all Fortive OpCo’s, all associates must act with integrity and conduct business honestly and fairly.  On this point, there is no negotiation. We have four core values that continuously guide our work.

We Build Extraordinary Teams for Extraordinary Results

We are a team dedicated to tackling the world’s most critical challenges.

  • We seek out talented, curious people with a passion for better.
  • We invest in our people, providing unlimited opportunities for personal learning and growth.
  • We pursue continuous development to accelerate progress for ourselves and our customers.
  • We work together to win together.
  • At PacSci EMC we hire, develop and retain the best talent in order to build our winning team.

A key part of our culture is based on being TEAM-ORIENTED as opposed to INDIVIDUAL-ORIENTED – we not only win, but we win more often, with involvement by all.

~ Greg Scaven, President, PacSci EMC.

Customer Success Inspires Innovation

Our customer-centric focus drives us to create innovative solutions that directly address customer needs

  • Our goal is progress, in the form of essential technology that makes the world stronger, safer and better.
  • We apply creativity and rigor to breakthrough products, services and processes.
  • We’re there for our customers in the decisive moments, when precision and expertise are crucial.
  • We dream, develop and deliver innovation to strengthen businesses and deepen learning.
  • Robust, repeatable processes yield superior Quality, Delivery, and Cost that satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.

The meeting place between our technical expertise that the customers choose us for – and the customer’s needs – is embodied in the SERVICE we provide to our customers. Good customer service means that we should get to know our customers even better than they know themselves! Remember, we don’t just provide a product – we provide service as well to our customers. Often times, the service we provide to our customers is what will differentiate us from our competitors that can offer a like product.

~ Greg Scaven, President, PacSci EMC.

Kaizen Is Our Way Of Life

We constantly strive to do better, setting the bar high for ourselves and each other.

  • Kaizen, or continuous improvement, is the foundation of our culture and fuels our passion for finding a better way.
  • We are always driven to do better, pushing to rethink the status quo and competing on behalf of our customers for what’s next.
  • Through our commitment to improvement and our bias for action, we combine the strength of an established company with the agile, inquisitive mindset of innovators.
  • At PacSci EMC we constantly strive to do better and continuously eliminate waste in every facet of our business processes.

A conscious choice to continuously improve – never satisfied with being just ‘good’ – requires us to get comfortable with the idea that our challenge is in the never-ending journey towards greatness.

~ Greg Scaven, President, PacSci EMC.

We Compete For Shareholders

We deliver essential technologies to solve the world’s most critical challenges and outperform the market.

  • We respond decisively to market demands and have a track record of success.
  • We fuel our future through effective, disciplined internal and external capital deployment.
  • We build our businesses to attract and retain long-term shareholders and employees.
  • Our rigorous application of kaizen and FBS is our ultimate competitive advantage.

Results matter. It’s not a choice between building process or driving results…it’s about doing both. Jim Collins sums up this concept in the book “Built to Last” as the Tyranny of the Or versus the Genius of the And.

At PacSci EMC and Fortive, how we compete for shareholders is by embracing the Genius of the And. It’s true genius when we find ways to embrace the positive aspects of both sides of two seemingly contradictory concepts, and instead of choosing, we do both. And that’s how geniuses win.

~ Greg Scaven, President, PacSci EMC.

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