How Payload Separation Systems Work

Payload Separation Systems

Launch vehicles and missiles contain configurations that need to dispense a payload during the course of their mission. We have been manufacturing payload separation systems for over 50 years. The systems we develop will open a predetermined section with engineered explosive energy. The system will contain either Linear Shaped Charge (LSC) or Mild Detonating Cord (MDC) channeled along the skin, hatch or cover of the vehicle. The vehicle skin, hatch or cover will separate or open and allow the payload to be dispensed. This system has proven to be a highly reliable method for mission assurance.

Another separation method would be the Expanding Tube Assembly (XTA). This product will expand a tube with gases from the energetic reaction and mechanically stress the structure to fracture. Our engineering of this product ensures the least amount of shock is applied to the rest of the vehicle during functioning.

With either payload separation system in place, our experts ensure mission critical payloads release on time, every time.