How To Increase Missile Range Accuracy

Missile Range Accuracy

How To Increase Missile Range Accuracy 1

The three primary factors affecting the range and accuracy of a projectile are: the projectile design, the launch mechanism (gun barrel and propelling charge) and the environment. The projectile design includes the shape for aerodynamic efficiency, the weight and balance. The launcher has mechanical components such as barrel length which affects muzzle velocity as well as rifling and the propelling charge which is a function of the energy and amount of the propellant. The environment includes atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, and for longer ranges, the spin of the earth may have an effect.

A high specific impulse (ISP) propellant and projectile guidance features such as wings, canards, thrusters or an attitude control system will maximize both range and accuracy.

We design and manufacture components to enhance weapons systems needing to meet extended range goals. Dumb bombs use guidance kits. We produce release mechanisms such as explosive bolts and actuators for wing and canard deployment to enhance the range of the bomb. Small and medium caliber munitions can have the range increased by incorporating a thruster or rocket motor into the round.