How To Increase The Probability Of A Hit

Accurate Target Hit

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There are a number of factors that contribute to accurately hitting a target from any weapon system. There is the stability of the weapon, the proper aim point, projectile speed, adjustment for humidity, wind, elevation and other environments that influence the flight of the projectile. Finally, there is the target itself; its size, its distance, its surrounding environments and maneuverability.

“Hit-to-kill” application is where the fired projectile attempts to hit a high-speed, moving target, sometimes referred to as “hitting a bullet with a bullet”. To increase the probability of hit in this application and due to extremely high closing speeds, a Divert Attitude Control System (DACS) is required to provide the final course correction to the missile to hit the target.

DACS are comprised of a large number of propellant-based rocket motors or thrusters. The guidance and control subsystem will provide firing commands to individual DACS motors to orient the missile onto the target.

We are dedicated to advancing our technologies to meet the needs of missile programs providing innovative solutions for large and small DACS. Our SEA™ Network Interface is capable of taking flight control commands and distributing the fire signal to the thruster for terminal engagement. The thrust output can be adapted to program needs and configuration. Motor impulse levels can range from 0.0005 N-s to 1500 N-s.