B/BaCr04 & WBKS

Delay Compositions

What They Are

This powder duo is actually a pair of delay compositions: B/BaCrO4 and WBKS.

B/BaCrO4 is made up of a boron(fuel) and barium chromate (oxidizer). WBKS uses tungsten as fuel and barium chromate and potassium perchlorate as oxidizers.

B/BaCr04 & WBKS
Key Features Specifications

Key Features

Why We Like Them

Like BKNO3, these pyrotechnic delay compositions have a wide variety of uses. B/BaCrO4 has a very rapid burn rate while WBKS is typically much slower. Giving us a wide variety of applications for their use. Their burn rate will vary by about 10% based on the ratio of components and the temperature at which they are used, which typically ranges from -65 to 160°
F. Additionally, WBKS is used in high temperature applications, particularly oil field exploration where its thermal stability allows use at 350° – 500° F.


How You Should Handle Them

In most cases, delay compositions are relatively stable. They possess low friction-, impact- and heat-hazard and have a moderate sensitivity to static hazards.

However, you’ll need to make sure you store these powders in extremely stable environments. Humidity and excessive jostling may cause inhomogeneity which can make the delays burn rate inconsistent. We advise storage of these materials in a desiccator.

The main hazard related to these chemicals is chromium, a toxic chemical that could cause cancer. As such, we recommend wearing your PPE and keeping any work area clean. Binder is added during manufacturing to minimize dusting when working with these compositions. There is a very low chance of accidental detonation or burning; the main concern is breathing in airborne particles

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