Separation Bolt

Separation Bolt v1 2-502420-1 2-502470-1

A pyrotechnic separation bolt is a bolt designed to fracture at a specific, pre-determined separation point at precisely the right time. The bolt will experience intentional mechanical failure resulting in the planned separation and with contained debris output. Separation bolts are activated by pyrotechnic inputs, such as initiators or pressure cartridges. 

Pyrotechnic Tube Cutter

Tube Cutter

A Pyrotechnic Tube Cutter opens pressure diaphragms or completely severs and then seals metal tubes of varying diameters and wall thicknesses carrying pressurized fluids.  The tubing cutter/sealer is used to cut and seal two stainless steel (which can be Teflon lined) tubes.

Underwater Emergency Egress System

Underwater Emergency Egress System (UEES)

The Underwater Emergency Egress System (UEES) is a severance device to support pilots and crew needing to escape from inside a helicopter underwater.

Pyrotechnic Pin Puller

Pyrotechnic Pin Puller 108719 108842 2-501670-1 836101-1

A pyrotechnic pin puller is a device used to activate latch releases, release locking pins or move mechanisms to perform work and a variety of applications. Our compact, pyrotechnic pin puller delivers precision movement on command, securing or releasing a variety of payloads.